Yarn Trees for the Holidays

A couple of Christmas’s ago, we made some adorable, Yarn Wrapped Trees for an event a sweet friend  was hosting. These little trees were so fun and whimsical…almost Dr.Seuss-like. The vibrant colors of the yarn and fun patterns and colors of the ribbons, created such a fun centerpiece…


They turned out absolutely fabulous and we thought we would give you a mini tutorial to guide you on your way to make your own Yarn Wrapped Trees. So grab your favorite holiday movie and get ready to craft!


Supplies Needed…

1. Styrofoam Cones { I used a 15, 12, and 9 inch cone }

2. Yarn

3. Ribbon

4. Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

5. Felt


yarn trees

Step 1 :choose a fun colored yarn { I used a more dense yarn and wrapped it very tight to achieve a shiny look } and some fun ribbon { you probably have enough scraps!}

Step 2 : start wrapping the cone from the top down { I found it easier to go in this direction }….turn on the TV or your iPod and keep wrapping….and wrapping…and wrapping….

Step 3 : secure the yarn at the bottom with a little hot glue. Cut a circle of felt the diameter of the bottom of your cone and glue it in place on the bottom { I cut mine with pinking shears to give it a more finished look }


Step 4 : gather your ribbon and cut a bunch of pieces { around 20ish or so } about 4 inches long. Tie one ribbon around the bunch in the middle. Put a dollop of glue on the top of the cone and  “squish” { so technical } the ribbon down onto it. Play around a little bit before putting the glue on so that you get the ribbon to look right!!


THAT’S IT! Super Cute and EASY! 

Our slight obsession with festive holiday trees can also be seen with our Tabletop Ribbon Trees


 These trees are glittery and shiny for the entire holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s ! Customize them in any color, pattern, or texture.

Or how about some more neutral Cable Knit Trees


 These warm and cozy holiday trees are a perfect home decor accent for the entire winter and literally take 10 minutes to create!


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  1. says

    Such cute trees! Thanks for the “how to”, looks like it would be fun to do!
    Enjoyed you visit, sure hope you’ll come again soon!

  2. says

    I love these! I linked something with styrofoam trees too! I make mine with ribbon loops and an ornament to cover the top! I love the ribbon explosion on yours!

  3. says

    I jumped over from the Positively Splendid linky party…..I love these, I made one similair tonight with jute……I love the ribbon topper on yours….such cuteness!!!

  4. says

    How fun! Love the colors. They would work great for New Year’s party hats too! Thanks for sharing again at The Creative Spark. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Jenn :)


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