Wood Monogram Twig and Burlap Wreath

I live in the South.

I have a strong southern accent { just ask Laura from Finding Home, bless her heart }.

I love the South and all the traditions it has.

One of those is monograms…we love them.

As little girls, they are on our dresses { when we aren’t wearing smocked dresses } and in our hair on bows { larger than our heads }.

As grown women, they are on our linens, purses, jewelry and pillows.

Even the men have them…on ties { when they are not wearing bow ties } and belts and wallets.

So around these parts, the trend right now is to include that monogram on your front door…


I created this wood monogram, twig and burlap wreath for a sweet friend of  Trish’s. She wanted something a little neutral that she could leave up most of the year.

Trish had made another neighbor a gorgeous Monogrammed Magnolia Leaf  Wreath as a birthday gift in the fall, and we knew her friend would love a different version of a monogrammed wreath.

My jumping off point was the large, wooden, script monogram. It is a subtle cream color.


You can find these wood monograms in shops on ETSY.

Then I needed a wreath form. Remember my Ruffled Red Burlap Ribbon Wreath?

I used the same twig, grapevine wreath form as that one. It almost looks like a daisy. I needed a larger form than a standard, round grapevine wreath form to accommodate the large monogram.


I just love the dimension this twiggy wreath form adds. I think it looks so welcoming!

Next I knew I want to use burlap…


When I found this adorable Burlap Dahlia Flower at Hobby Lobby ready made, I was thrilled! Perfect! It even had these amazing wired green leaves to give a little pop of color.

Seriously, I snatched up a few, and they even had them that looked like hydrangeas..those came home as well.

Next I needed ribbon, and I found this open weave, jute twine wired ribbon…


I simply folded a few loops and hot glued them in place with the tails of the ribbon hanging down. I then glued the flower on top. I attached it all at an angle to add a little more whimsy and interest.

What a charming wreath…


Burlap is one of our favorite materials to work with. Trish made herself a sweet Turquoise Burlap Wreath in the spring as well.

Hmmm….I am thinking those burlap flowers I brought home might just have to go towards making myself one of these monogrammed wreaths!




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  1. says

    I’m such a sucker for monograms and this wreath is absolutely gorgeous Bonnie! I definitely need to do this for my front door. Maybe it would distract people from the chipping paint! LOL!

  2. says

    I am all things Southern, except… I have nothing monogrammed (Can’t use it for handmedowns!!) and no wreath on my front door. I guess I have never found anything that suited me. And I LOVE THIS!!! If I had time, I would totally make my own. Since I do not have time, I may just print a big color copy of this and tape it to the door. I never said I wasn’t above Tacky….

    • Shai says

      Actually, that’s just above Tacky! It’s cute and made me giggle!
      I wonder if you can print out a HUGE photo of your Xmas tree and tape it to your window and stick a lamp behind it. 😉

  3. says

    Yep, I live in the south too and monograms are starting to pop up on a lot of doors around here! Your wreath is adorable, love the bow! Right now my front door sports a basket with a single letter, hmmmm…..might have to go for the full monogram! Love it!

  4. Dreama says

    Now I know why I love monograms so much…ha ha your wreath is just gorgeous ( and since I’m new here, went back to see the red one…beautiful!) I have been eyeing those wood monograms on Etsy for awhile and now will definitely have to get one…or several. This would make a lovely gift. Thank you for so much inspiration!

  5. says

    Oh how I love this “SOUTHERN” wreath! As a southern gal…I had my two girls in smock dresses with monograms…huge hairbows and even monogram panties:) My hubs made me promise to never put a bow in their hair at the swim club and he nick named our first daughter “bow head”. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful wreath at my party this week. Gotta check out those flowers at HL.


  6. Michele says

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love the mix of texture with the gorgeous monogram. Sincerely sensational! 😉

  7. says

    Love this idea! Actually….I love anything monogrammed! Add a wreath and a bless your heart….and I’m set!

    Happy day to you!

  8. says

    I’m a Southern Girl myself. Yep, I was raised in smocked dresses. :) I love the wreath! Would you believe I just recently discovered burlap ribbon?! I’m finding all kinds of uses for it now. Love your blog! Y’all have a great weekend! :)

  9. Crystal says

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love the monogram and the bow you found. Love everything about the wreath!! It needs to be on my front door :)

  10. Kristen says

    Where do you find that grapevine wreath that has all the extra whimsy instead of just the standard circle??!! I am in looovvvee Thanks in advance!


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