Winter Olympics Cupcakes

Does your family enjoy watching the Olympics together?  We sure do!  To cheer on Team USA,  we have come up with a fun treat for the entire family… Winter Olympics Cupcakes!

Winter Olympics Cupcakes... a great way to celebrate the Winter Games!  #olympics  #cupcakes


 I can remember night after night watching the Olympics with my older sister.  We loved watching the ice skating.  I had a major crush on the Canadian ice skater, Brian Orser and I always teased her that she could have Brian Boitano.  I don’t think he would have gone for either of us, but we sure loved watching them both on the ice.  My all time favorite skater was Katarina Witt… so pretty and just so talented.  Do you have any fond memories of watching the Winter Olympics?  Such fun times!

Whether you are getting together with friends for a viewing party or just watching together as a family, these adorable Winter Olympics Cupcakes are sure to score high with everyone.  Let’s learn how to make them!

Winter Olympics Cupcakes... a great way to celebrate the Winter Games! #olympics #cupcakes


To start you need a cupcake that is frosted with white icing.  You can even pick them up from the grocery store already made… you know I don’t judge. I simply took two foil wrappers and covered the cupcake liner.  To give the appearance of snow, I added some Edible Faux Snow that we used for our Sleigh Ride cupcakes.

Winter Olympics Cupcakes... a great way to celebrate the Winter Games! #olympics #cupcakes

To make the olympic rings, you are going to use five lifesaver gummy snacks.  Since the package doesn’t have black and  blue, I used the blue food marker to color the red to make black and a yellow to make blue.  Easy peasy fix, right?!  Now you will put the gummies on a toothpick and put them on top of your cupcake.  All done!


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