We Pause for a Moment from All Things Crafty…

Seriously…is she not the cutest little thing eva!!!
Mercy Grace is our new edition to the family {she was happily added to our menagerie of 2 guinea pigs and a bunny!} !!
This little bundle of sweetness was rescued by my husband, after a truck straddled her in the middle of the road. She was so tiny, my husband thought it was a little turtle!!
We have spent the last 4 weeks being her “mommy”!! Bottle feeding around the clock…who knew they had powdered kitten formula at the feed and seed store!!
My daughter and I settled on her name after deciding that it was the mercy of my husband and the grace of God that brought her to us!! {we use both names of course, ’cause that’s what we do in the south! }
After flicking my son’s lego people out of my seagrass basket, she decided to claim it as her own!!
We think she is adorable and thought ya’ll might need some cuteness today!!
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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!


  1. Papa says

    As the neighbors door plaque reads,A dora bell..Andrew Pickens Calhoun Tinsley of Latimer say he wants to meet that young lady!!

  2. says

    Oh she is just the sweetest! So wonderful that your husband rescued her. Her coloring is similar to one of our cats (only ours has short hair) We also got her because my husband rescued her. She was just about that same size too. My husband was in a parking lot one cold fall evening and could hear distressed kitten cries. He went looking and found a woman who said she had rescued a litter but one ran away over the embankment and fell into the nearby canal. He climbed down with a rope and found a soaked, half frozen, kitten who’d found her way into a tiny hole in the wall just above the surface of water. We named her pebbles because she was this tiny little thing stuck between two rocks.

  3. Maggie Bucko says

    I was going through your Archived posts to see if I missed anything and came across this one. Since it’s about a kitty, I naturally had to comment. I’ve had critter cats in my life since I was 13 (that’s over 35 years now) and am being currently owned by three so it’s probably safe to say, I love cats. What a cutie pie little Mercy Grace is!!!

    BTW: I give my cats more than one name and I don’t live in the south. lol

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