Simple Washi Tape Labels

Anyone getting organized? Or at least have a goals to get organized? Yea, us too! It seems like school papers and mail seems to become overwhelming at times in our homes. Or how about the inevitable….”Mom do we have any…{fill in the blank here!}” ? Part of getting organized in our homes is not only being practical but also pretty. Admit it, we girls like it to look good too. That’s where fabulous Washi Tape comes into play. Combined with practical labels it can create a beautiful and fun way to get yourself organized.


Many of you are ready to get everything organized, make sure everything has a home, and doing things as cheaply as possible.  One of my favorite things to use to add a little color and not break the bank  is washi tape and it is the perfect width to jazz up ordinary labels.

Here is how you can make some for yourself…

Supplies needed to make your own: {affiliate links}


The process of making the washi tape labels just could not be any easier.  Simply print your labels onto clear label tape with the label maker.  You will then cut a piece of washi tape that is a little larger than the label and place it on the folder or box.


To complete the process of making the label, you simply peel back the paper backing and place it centered on the washi tape… so simple!


I love how the washi tape labels jump off the kraft colored folder.  Just so much fun and so inexpensive, too.  Such a great combination!


With my supply of paper growing larger by the day, I needed sturdy storage for my copy paper and cardstock.  The labels look amazing on these protect and store clear boxes.  I love that they nest perfectly on top of each other, too!


Getting organized this year in my craft room is a major priority for me.  There are some amazing craft organization ideas out there, as well!


What are your organizational goals for the year?  Who is ready to tackle them together?

One of my best organization projects was my craft room…

Craft Room Inspiration via #CraftOrganization #CraftRoom

You can check out the entire tour and ideas on my Craft Room Tour post. It was a huge undertaking but I can tell you that organizing can save you time and money in the long run!


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  1. says

    What a great idea! I love it! So pretty. I love washi tape. So many pretty colors and designs. And using it for organizing makes it guilt-free!

  2. Judi Johnson says

    I have one concern. Everytime I have used Washi Tape it does not stick. So if you are cutting the labels smaller then the Washi Tape what will make the tape stick and not fall off. They may look pretty but how permanent are they?

  3. says

    I love washi tape! These labels are so cute but so easy.

    I feature organizing ideas on Fridays. Please share this great post at Simple Organization Ideas on Organized 31 (You can find the link in the Navigation Bar).

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