Valentine Party Popcorn

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We did it!  We survived our youngest daughter’s first sleepover over the weekend!  The girls were so sweet and like little miniature teenagers.  Since La La’s birthday is so close to the holiday, we had a Valentine’s Day theme for her slumber party.  We did crafts, played games, danced, built forts, and had some yummy treats.  One of those yummy treats was this Valentine Party Popcorn.

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Valentine Party Popcorn recipe by Uncommon Designs

My little one has the biggest sweet tooth and has a big love for popcorn.  We decided to mix those two loves together and make the perfect Valentine Party Popcorn! It was a huge hit and they gobbled it up after they made a fort together.

Valentine Party Popcorn recipe by Uncommon Designs

They had a blast putting together their fort… it is the best slumber party activity. I seriously think that all I had to do for the party was let them build forts and pop up some yummy popcorn. They thought it was fabulous!

Valentine Party Popcorn recipe by Uncommon Designs

Want to learn how to make our Valentine Party Popcorn?  It is simple!  Gather up your supplies.  You will need Pop Secret’s Homestyle Popcorn (Click here to save $1 on Pop Secret’s Facebook Page), white chocolate, Valentine sprinkles, candy corn, and heart shaped marshmallows.

Valentines Day Party Popcorn

First you want to pop the microwave popcorn and spread it out on a cookie sheet.  We drizzled melted white chocolate over the popcorn and then sprinkled some heart shaped sprinkles.  We then mixed in some Valentine candy corn.

Valentines Day Party Popcorn

Next you’ll want to prepare the chocolate dipped marshmallows.  We picked up a bag of heart shaped marshmallows and dipped the tops into white chocolate and then dipped them into tiny sprinkles.  They were really a good enough treat on their own, but we threw them into the popcorn mix.

Valentines Day Party Popcorn

How cute did that turn out?  My little mini-teenagers thought it was just perfect and they polished off every bite.

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Valentines Day Party Popcorn

Building forts and whipping up Valentine Party Popcorn doesn’t only have to be done at a slumber party.  Celebrate with your family for a movie night, play date, or just because!

Valentine Party Popcorn recipe by Uncommon Designs

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  1. says

    I love Valentines Day! My husband and I never go out alone, we always include the kids in our celebrations by having a red and pink dinner. This would be a fun treat for the movie after!

  2. Alexandra says

    Mmm. This snack mix looks so yummy! I didn’t even know they made pink and white candy corn. Pinned for later.
    I would love if you linked this up to my 14 Days of Valentine Inspired Crafts Linky Party


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