Valentine Cupcake Treat… a la Chasing Fireflies

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Valentine cupcake

Today I am really excited to share a sweet Valentine cupcake treat with you! This was inspired by one that I saw in the Chasing Fireflies  catalog.

For those of you with girls under the age of 10, I am sure you can relate to this dialog…

Ann (age 8):  Mommy the Chasing Fireflies catalog came.  Let’s look!

Mommy:  Oh yeah… 

Ann:  Look at all of these pretty dresses!  Can you buy me one?

Mommy:  They are so pretty, but look at how expensive they are, gulp!

Ann:  Could you make me one like this then?

Mommy:  Probably… thinking she hasn’t made the 10 she showed me from last year…  here we go with major mommy guilt again!

Now, folks.  The last time the catalog came my little one showed me these adorable valentine heart cupcakes . This time, I told her again that I could probably make that… and… brace yourself… I actually did it!

Valentine cupcake

Not only is it incredibly cute, but it was so easy and so inexpensive, too!  All I did was put some conversation hearts in saran wrap, ball it up and twist it to close.  I stuck glue dots on the inside bottom of the cupcake wrappers and then placed the ball of hearts down in it.  Add a gumball to the top with a glue dot and you are good to go!

Are you looking for more cute and easy Valentines ideas?  Be sure to check out our free lollipop printable and  chevron heart door decor!

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  1. So cute! I just pinned it too :o)

  2. Super cute … and I love that it’s so simple kids could make them!

  3. awww…how adorable girl…xo

  4. Thank you so much for this post….it is almost too cute to give away but I will definitely make one to put in my tween daughter’s lunch on Valentines Day with a few extra for her to share at lunch time. Thanks again!

  5. Soooo cute!!! What a fun Valentine to give!!! Thanks for sharing and being creative to make it :)

  6. How cute! What a great gift idea. I’m your newest Pinterest follower and would love for you to link up at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase party!


  7. That turned out really cute! Nice job. :)

  8. Well how cute is that?! Love it! :) You two are so clever!

  9. That is adorable! It looks pretty easy to do to, I’m totally not crafty, but I think even i could pull that off!

  10. This is really adorable!

  11. Super duper cute, girls!! Love this. :)

  12. I must make this. Not just for me but for the students in my class. How cut is it!

  13. What a great idea! Especially because I love to talk! Thanks for posting this rock star!


  14. Super cute and easy idea!!

  15. Adorable – love it!

  16. That is so darling!! These would be perfect for my own girl to take to her class for Valentines Day! :-)

  17. Sometimes the most simple things are the most impressive…this is definitely IMPRESSIVE! Love it!!! XO, Aimee

  18. What a CUTE idea!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    I am showing this off on my blog tomorrow!


  19. Such a cute idea! This can make a good party favor.
    I am stopping by to let you know the Friday Fun Party is back. I miss you at the party! :)
    Happy almost Friday Bonnie and Trish.

    p.s: I love your blog’s new design. The banner is really cool and the sidebar adorable!

  20. Your a genius! I have some silicon cupcake liners that would work perfect for this! Thanks for the great idea!


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