The Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection

 Easter is over a month away, but we wanted you to be ahead of the game for this special holiday.  If you enjoy dying and embellishing eggs with your children, you are going to be in hog heaven with  this… Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection!

The Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Idea Collection... dozens and dozens of inspiring ideas for egg decorating! #Easter #EasterEggs

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating Easter eggs, but we have compiled dozens of our favorites all in one place.  You are going to love these amazing ideas!

Out of the Box Easter Egg Decorating Ideas from the Ultimate Egg Decorating Idea Collection

If you are looking for some really creative egg ideas, you are in for a treat!  From neon dipped, tattoos, nail polish, and silk dyed eggs… these ideas are truly inspiring!

1. Oh Joy  2. Studio DIY 3. Uncommon Designs 4. Henry Happened 5. BHG  6.Our Best Bites


Glittered Easter Egg Ideas from the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Idea Collection

Every holiday deserves it’s share of glittery perfection… right?!  Whether you are using real or plastic eggs, glitter can truly transform an Easter egg.  Use it all over, in shapes, or even as a placecard holder!

1. A Pumpkin and A Princess  2. Craftaholics Anonymous 3. Kara’s Party Ideas  4. At the Picket Fence

Painted Easter Egg Ideas from the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Collection

Painted eggs are nothing new, but oh the ideas!  Craft paint comes in all forms, including metallic and chalkboard just to name a few. They can take an ordinary egg from drab to fab in just a few coats.

1. The DIY Showoff 2. A Creative Mint 3. Finding Home  4. Uncommon Designs  5. Lisa Moorefield 6.  She Knows

Decoupaged Easter Egg Ideas from the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection #Easter #ModPodge

The decoupage technique is used perfectly on eggs.  It allows for all of the beautiful curves of the egg to behave when covering.  The possibilities are endless… use tissue paper, fabric, napkins… the sky is the limit!

1. Brown Paper Packages  2.  Setting for Four  3.  Crafts Beautiful  4. By Wilma

Ombre Effect Easter Egg Ideas part of the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection

Do you love ombré as much as I do?  If you are dying eggs, painting them, or wrapping them with thread, this trend is sure to stick around for ages… it is that beautiful!

1.  A Night Owl Blog  2. Uncommon Designs  3. Sugar and Charm 4. Oh So Very Pretty

Marker Easter Eggs part of the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection

I love a good Sharpie project and eggs are the perfect canvas.  It is hard to decide what is prettiest… the metallic gold, bright colors, bold black and white… what do you think?

1. BHG  2. Alisa Burke 3. Alisa Burke 4. Waiting On Martha

Silhouette Easter Eggs as part of the Ultimate Easter Egg Decorating Collection

My obsession with silhouettes continues.  I simply must make some this year… the are just too classic not too!

1. Dear Lillie  2. Le Papier Studio  3. Rook No. 17  4. Cocoon Home Blog  5. Terrain 6. Dear Lillie

Use Fabric and Trim to Decorate Easter Eggs

I know I have told you guys before, but I am a total fabric addict.  Using fabric and trims comes naturally to me, so you can see why I adore these eggs!

1. Good Housekeeping  2. Alisa Burke  3.Sewing Daisies  4. Celebrating Everyday Life

How will you decorate your Easter Eggs this year?

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  1. says

    Isn’t the blogmosphere the most amazing place? The creativity and inspiration will never cease to amaze me!
    Thanks for sharing – love them all – but the silhouettes are my favorites!!!

  2. ellie says

    You missed a different way to color eggs. I use onion peels,put different pieces around the raw egg,then wrap the egg in apiece of nylon stocking & tie with a rubber band, then boil the eggs. makes different colors..


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