How To Create A No Sew Two Minute Holiday Cape

   I am so excited to share the sweet and quick capes that I made for my girls as part of our 12 months of Christmas holiday series here on Uncommon Designs!


I don’t know about you guys, but with Easter coming so early this year, we definitely needed something for the girls to wear over their pretty little dresses.  It got me thinking that they would love a cape and that this would be perfect for Easter and Christmas, too!  I wanted to make them something that was easy and inexpensive since they probably would only  wear them for the holidays!


ann holiday cape


Here is what you will need to make one of your own…

1. A  rectangle of soft fleece.

2. A small safety pin

cape pattern

 That is right… just one rectangle of fleece!  For my daughter who is a size 6, I used a 36×15 inch rectangle of super soft fleece.  You will have to judge based on your child’s size what measurement to cut.

two minute cape

 Step One.  Drape your fleece around the shoulders of your little one.

two minute cape behind

 Step Two.  Take the lower corners of the rectangle and wrap them over their arms and behind their back and pin together with a safety pin.

Iauren two minute cape

 That’s all folks!  Now they will be nice and cozy and look super cute for a chilly Easter morning!

two minute cape girls

 Gotta love something fast and simple.  Gotta love these sweet girls, too!

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