Tshirt Refashion… { Pillowcase Top }

tshirt top refashion
Have some tshirts around your house? How about a little refashion!


So, this past weekend my son had his first home football game! Approximately 15 minutes prior to needing to leave, my “tween” daughter came to me wanting to make some changes to the only tshirt she had with his team on it…yes…I said 15 minutes!! The tshirt is a typical boy’s  tshirt and it is really thick! So to say it doesn’t breathe well here in the heat is an understatement. So here is what I did…

I started with the plain tshirt…

Remember…I did this in 15 minutes, so these are after shots!

I cut the sleeves out by simply following the seam of the sleeve and angled in slightly at the top of the shoulder by about 1 1/2 inches.
Here is a closeup of the arm opening, {the beauty of knit is that I did not have to finish the opening}…
I then simply cut straight across from shoulder to shoulder to remove the head opening..
I turned down the top about 1 inch on front and back and stitched each of them across…
Finally I threaded a piece of grosgrain ribbon through the front and back and tied it on one side…
{remember to heat seal the ribbon to keep it from fraying}
Here is the front…
Here is the back…
Loved how this turned out!
tshirt top refashion
Super Cute!!
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