T-Shirt Refashion

Hey Y’all? Has the heat of late spring hit your area yet? We are having a warm May even for the south. Whew! I have an oldie but goodie for you today. This T-Shirt Refashion I did for my sweet girl a few years ago is still a favorite of hers, so I thought this was a great time to share the tutorial with our new readers. What girl does not like a pillow case top created from a boys t-shirt?

Turn a plain t-shirt into an adorable pillow case top via Uncommon Designs.

Who has a few large t-shirts around their house? Go ahead sneak in the boys’ closets! This is a great way for you soccer, baseball, and football girls to lighten up those heavy shirts and still show your team spirit!

tshirt top refashion.

I originally made this pillowcase top for my daughter to cheer on her brother and his football team.  Approximately 15 minutes prior to needing to leave for the game, my then  “tween” daughter came to me wanting to make some changes to the only tshirt she had with his team on it…yes…I said 15 minutes!!

The tshirt is a typical boy’s  tshirt and it is really thick! So to say it doesn’t breathe well here in the heat is an understatement. So here is what I did…

I started with the plain tshirt…

tshirt top refashion.

Remember…I did this in 15 minutes, so these are after shots!

I cut the sleeves out by simply following the seam of the sleeve and angled in slightly at the top of the shoulder by about 1 1/2 inches.

tshirt top refashion.

Here is a closeup of the arm opening, {the beauty of knit is that I did not have to finish the opening} and remember it is a t-shirt….your sewing does not have to be perfect! 

tshirt top refashion.

I then simply cut straight across from shoulder to shoulder to remove the head opening…

I turned down the top about 1 inch on front and back and stitched each of them across…

Finally I threaded a piece of grosgrain ribbon through the front and back and tied it on one side…

{remember to heat seal the ribbon to keep it from fraying}

Here is the front…

Turn a t-shirt into an adorable pillowcase top via Uncommon Designs.

Here is the back…

Turn a t-shirt into an adorable pillowcase top via Uncommon Designs.

Loved how this turned out and she was trilled to be a bit more girly!

tshirt top refashion

Super Cute!! And so many moms asked how we did it so that they could whip one up for themselves and their girls too!

Looking for a way to add some team spirit in your hair too? These Cheer Spirit Ribbons would be perfect.

spirit ribbons hair bow tutorial
So what are you waiting on? Go ahead and cut up one of those tshirts and cheer your team on!
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