Top Tips for Simple Holiday Decorating

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Ah the holidays! A time for friends, family, joy, and togetherness right? Yes, but they can also bring on stress and a hurried feeling wouldn’t you agree? As our children have gotten older, my husband and I have really learned that family time is precious and slips by quickly.

So with the holidays….Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s right around the corner, I want to share with you my Top Tips for Simple Holiday Decorating.


Tip number one may seem to obvious but really read….

TIP #1  : Keep It Simple aka Less Is More

Hear me out, in order to have simple decorating tips, you need to keep it all very simple. That may mean not decorating every inch of your home. Maybe not having every single room a different theme, or not changing things up each and every year. If you have too much in your home for decorations, it may distract you and your family from the things that mean the most and are a special part of each year.

TIP #2: Dim The Lights

If you have dimmers on overhead lighting, use them. There is something about dimming the lights and lighting the fire that creates instant holiday ambiance. If you do not have dimmers, skip the over head lights and use lamps with lower voltage bulbs to create a warm festive look.

TIP #3: Use Scented Candles

Nothing brings back childhood memories of the holidays for me like smells of the season. From baking to fires burning to the scent of the fresh Christmas tree.


Spiced Apple Crumble….the perfect scent to celebrate Thanksgiving. My children asked me what wonderful dish I was baking when I lit this Air Wick Scented Candle. A scented candle provides a beautiful glow and amazing aroma. These Air Wick Life Scents candles are layered to provide am amazing aroma of complimentary scents.


 Candles have a way to make a holiday dinner extra special. The light bounces off the glitter and highlights special accents at the table. This Emerald Woodland Scented Candle by Air Wick will make you feel like you are picking out that special Christmas Tree.

TIP #4: Involve The Family (especially the kids)

Simple holiday decorating means everyone gets to participate. Our kitchen does not have many decorations until the day we create gingerbread houses and trains. Then they become the centerpiece of our kitchen and we add a little snow fluff around them for and instant Christmas Wonderland.

In the end we have created family memories and decorations…together.

TIP #5: Plan Ahead for Each Holiday

You always think you will get it all done and have so much time, but it really flies by. Setting aside a morning or afternoon plan you holiday timeline, including allowing time for decorating, will decrease the stress and allow you to enjoy the holiday season. So brew your favorite holiday coffee…pumpkin spice or cinnamon…and add some holiday music and scents. These Scented Wax Melts allow the holiday aroma to diffuse softly throughout your home.


Make a list of what you need and already have for decorating. Get a calendar and go ahead and put events on it that you are aware of. Do not over commit yourselves. Allow some strictly family time and down time throughout the holiday season.

Those are my 5 top tips for simple holiday decorating. What are your best ideas and tips?

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  1. Rebecca says

    Great tips to consider. I have been trying to get into the less is more state of mind lately and trying to let go and not compare my home to others including all the beautifully decorated homes of the blogs I follow. A stressed and cranky wife/mom isn’t the gift I want to give my family this time of year.

    As far as the candles an wax melts go the scents sound wonderful and I’ll definitely keep an eye out when I head to Target later today.

  2. Donna says

    I engage my kids and whole family so that we can get the decorating done in a pretty quick amount of time but have fun as well

  3. says

    My top tip is MIX IT UP! Use what you already have in a new way, a different place in your home and you’ll be surprised the fresh festive look you get to enjoy!

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