Toffee Caramel Apple Dip Recipe… { Tailgating Food }

Did you catch our  Tailgating Ideas post yesterday? Well, as promised, I am back today with a super quick and easy recipe…

This easy recipe is a staple for our family for tailgating, parties, and church events! It involves 4, yes only 4, ingredients! Sweet!

Ingredients Needed for Toffee Caramel Apple Dip:

1 Tub of Caramel Dip
1 Package of Cream Cheese
1 Bag of Toffee Bits
Granny Smith Apples

Step 1:
Allow cream cheese to soften a bit, and then simply spread it out on the bottom of a shallow rimmed dish. I use a glass pie plate.

Step 2:
Pour out the caramel dip on top of the cream cheese and spread out. Do not mix in with cream cheese, just spread out on top. TIP: you may need to zap the caramel dip with the top off in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up.

Step 3:
Finally, sprinkle the toffee bits all over the top of the caramel. 

Step 4:
Slice up your apples into small wedges. Granny Smith apples are our favorite because we love the crunchy tart flavor with the sweet dip! I also love using my apple corer and slicer, it really makes snacking on apples a breeze!

That is it! Yummo!

We are so excited to welcome FALL!! How about you?

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  1. oh my!! looks lish. gonna definitely add to my go to recipes. Miss you guys!

  2. How fun! I have this same recipe on the blog, but I use Health Toffee Bars. :) Great thinking ladies! :)

  3. Wow, this looks really amazing! Perfect for the upcoming season change!

  4. This looks so good! Pinning this for the fall! Stopping by to say hello from the blog hop!

  5. This looks wonderful! Heath is on of my favorite candies. I always get it in blizzards. Love it since a child. I will have to make this soon!!

    Following from the Sunday Social. Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

  6. looks amazing going to pin this. thanks

  7. Here from the hop. Couldn’t resist checking out this recipe as we head into apple season. Will try this for sure.

  8. Wow…this looks and sounds DELICIOUS and YUMMY!!

  9. Mmmm, nothing says FALL more than Apples and Caramel – thanks for sharing!

  10. can’t find the carmel dip…could i melt carmels do u think?


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