Diy Silhouette Necklace

 Today, on our first edition of the Tuesday Trade-Off is Holly from Life as A Thrifter!  She is sharing a fabulous keepsake and gift idea. An adorable Silhouette Necklace

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 Here she is with a fabulous Silhouette Necklace tutorial…


I am thrilled to do a guest post on Uncommon Designs today!

I have a sweet, little silhouette necklace tutorial to share with you, so let’s get to it!
Several months ago my daughter turned 1, and we threw her a “Sweet Silhouette Birthday Party!” Here are a few pictures (and the LINK, if you’re at all interested . . .).


Well, in the process of preparing for her little party, I came across this  a picture of a sweet Silhouette Necklace.
 I was about to die to have something like it for the party after seeing it . . . so I managed to pull something together.
Here’s what I did . . .
(All of these supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby.)

First, trace and cut your background paper to match up with your pendant.

Then, cutout your silhouette. (I used this tutorial.)
I will confess, this takes a steady hand . . .
and it took me 3 times before I was happy with one.

After you have your silhouette just right,
glue it down and fill the pendant with the resin.

It’s certainly not much compared to hers,
but it was perfect for the party
. . . and I’m happy to say, I still wear it all the time!
Thanks for allowing me to share, ladies!

Thanks Holly! You can find Holly on her blog, Life As a Thrifter!


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