The Tuesday Trade-Off: Just Sew Sassy

Today on the Tuesday Trade-Off is Staci from Just Sew Sassy.  We are sharing a fun new Halloween post on her site today.  Be sure to check out that and all that she has to show on Just Sew Sassy today.   I am in love with her ruffled burlap table runner and she will be sharing it with us today!  Here she is…

What’s up all you darling Uncommon readers!! I’m thrilled to be posting on one of my favorite blogs about my favorite time of year!! I recently discovered Uncommon, but have a new fav blog that I return to often!! Thanks for having me ladies:)

I’m Staci, and you can find me creating, sewing, baking, and attempting all things crafty over on my blog, Just Sew Sassy!

Sooo… Happy Fall everybody!!! I see October as the start to the holidays, and it makes me HAPPY!!!

Just wanted to share one of my favorite posts with you guys today!

Mmmmm… Burlap…

My new obsessionlove.

I know I just showed you a burlap wreath project. But I have another fun little project with…

You guessed it, BURLAP!!

For a festive fall runner, just hem up a strip of burlap on all sides.

Sew the black burlap ruffle to the end. Sew the muslin ruffle, on top of that leaving about 1 1/2 inches of black poking out.

To sew the pleat, just fold and press your burlap every inch and pin. Sew along the raw edge sides to hold the pleats in place. Remove the pins and Voila!!

Do you have any vases, jars, or apothecary containers hanging around?

For a simple fall craft, spray paint various sizes of pinecones in fall colors, and use them as fillers.

I’m all about simple:)

I had some tiny fall wreaths leftover from last year that I just knew would be worth keeping around! I used them for the base of the vases.

I’m getting sooo excited for pumpkins, cider, gorgeous leaves, that little chill in the air, and all things fall!!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!

Thanks again Bonnie and Trish!

Thanks Staci! You can find Staci and more of her awesome projects on her blog, Just Sew Sassy.
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