Thankful Bucket Garland….A Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Fall is a time for slowing down, enjoying incredible weather and time with friends! This year we started a couple of new family traditions.  Today we are going to show you how to create this adorable fall…

Thankful Bucket Garland

Thankful Bucket Garland

What a perfect way to celebrate the season of fall! Each little bucket can be filled with little notes on what you and your family are thankful for!

Let’s get started with the thankful bucket garland tutorial….

Supplies Needed for Thankful Bucket Garland…

Thankful  bucket garland

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Floral Wire

Adhesive Hooks

2 Twig Garlands

2 Fall Leaf Garlands

3 inch Chipboard Alphabet Letters

Brown Extra Fine Glitter

Martha Stewart Glittering Glue

Wood Spring  1 3/4 Clothes Pins

8 Metal 3 inch Buckets

Faux Maple Leaves




Simply stretch out your two twig garlands and attach to your mantel. We used Command adhesive hooks. You will need to play around with the loops in the garland to get the look you want. We wired some of the loops together with floral wire, to get the garland to hang the way we wanted…

Thankful Garland

Take your two fall leaf garlands, and wind them through the twig garlands. Don’t worry about bare spaces, we will take care of that in another step…

Thankful Garland

Apply the  glitter to your chipboard letters { THANKFUL } using the Martha Stewart Glittering Glue and allow to dry. While they are drying, trace some leaf shapes or use a Sizzix Big Shot Die Cut Machine to cut out leaf shapes out of your burlap. Glue the burlap leaf shapes to the front of the  buckets with your glue gun…

Thankful Garland

Look how sweet all your buckets are after attaching all the letters with your glue gun…

Thankful Garland

Next, attach the buckets to the garland with the clothes pins…

Thankful Garland

Attach some faux maple leaves with your glue gun on the twig garland where you have some bare spots…this is the fun part where you can make it your own! We also added a few burlap leaves to the garland as well…

Thankful Garland

That is it! Now your mantel is ready for the fall with this fall thankful bucket garland and what a special way to celebrate with your family! Your family can fill up each bucket throughout the Thanksgiving season to celebrate gratitude and being thankful.

Thankful Garland

A perfect accent for my fall decor! And how fun is it going to be to read each of the notes on Thanksgiving!

Thankful Bucket Garland

We just love this time of year and hope that you can start some new family traditions with your own family and friends this year. Did you catch our other new tradition… our little “Thankful Turkey“? We would love for you to check him out!

Start a sweet Thanksgiving tradition with this adorable Thankful Turkey.

So do you have a new family tradition to start this year? We would love to hear about it!


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  1. Karen says

    Very nice!! I love the before photo with all the supplies and you always have the best step by step directions! I always think, “Wow. I think I could do that,” after I read your blog!!


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