Target Bling { Fancy Valentine Jewelry }

Valentine Jewelry

valentine jewelry
Have you checked out all of the Valentine goodies at Target yet?  
 They have the cutest sack of heart necklaces that are only $2 for eight!  La La and I had a little fun today blinging up the Target bling.  A little felt and a little ribbon and somebody thought they were something else!  My little covergirl! 
I could just eat her up!!

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  1. Aw, is she not the sweetest! Just adorable!

  2. Ok…as her Aunt{Bonnie} I totally hear the 80′s music playing in the background…”only in my dreams” by Tiffany comes to mind!! {yes, I know, I am old!}

  3. No fair! Target doesn’t get to Canada for a few more months! ~ Maureen

  4. QT Pie~

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