Super Fast and Easy Jute Wrapped Utensils

Don’t y’all love a really quick project that looks like you spent hours making it?  Well… meet  these dollar store jute wrapped utensils.  Aren’t they great?

Fast and Easy Jute Wrapped Utensils.  Whip up a set in no time!

They are the perfect craft for the craft lightning series!

With cookouts and parties during the summer months and beyond, these make great serving utensils that are so inexpensive. Which means if you forget them at the party { which we both have done } you are not out much money. Sweet!

They would also make a quick hostess gift.

Here is what you need to create your own Jute Wrapped Serving Utensils:

1 Set of Dollar Store Bamboo Serving Utensils {they come as a set of two}

Jute Twine

Glue Gun

Fast and Easy Jute Wrapped Utensils.  Whip up a set in no time!

Seriously, that’s all you need! I picked a few different sets to make and have on hand for those last minute events. I see these going on tailgating events with us this fall too.

Here is what we did:

Fast and Easy Jute Wrapped Utensils.  Whip up a set in no time!

Step 1: 

Place a small drop of hot glue about 1 1/2 inches up the serving utensil handle from the spoon bed.

Step 2:

Start wrapping the jute twine up the handles towards the top of the handle.

Step 3:

Stop wrapping the jute twine about 1 inch from the top. Cut the jute twine.  Apply another small drop of hot glue and adhere the end of the jute to it and press firmly.

That’s It!

Fast and Easy Jute Wrapped Utensils.  Whip up a set in no time!

I tied them together with a little jute bow, and they are ready to go.

I have to admit that we have a little affection for jute twine. We use it for lots of our projects including our Summer Beach Tablescape,  Embellished Mason Jars, and our DIY Tailgating Banner. It is a great little craft supply to have on hand in your stash.


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  1. Kris says

    Am headed to the dollar store right now!!!! Just want to know about washing these. Please let me know.
    Thanks, Kris

  2. Ellen says

    I’ve seen these before and thought it was a really cute idea and I already have the wooden set! I am glad someone was reading my mind and asked the washing question. Even if it comes apart after awhile you haven’t lost much. Thanks for the quick & easy project.

  3. Crystal says

    Awesome!! What a great idea and super cheap and easy. My favorite combo for a cute project!! Love it!!


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