Stenciled Burlap Table Runner

Remember my sweet little burlap bunny table runner from Monday’s Easter tablescapes post?

Stenciled Burlap Tablerunner Tutorial
Well, I promised to be back to tell you how to make your own!
So, let’s get started…
 Here are the supplies you need:
*Burlap {enough for your length and drop ~ I will show you how to calculate this below! }
*Acrylic Craft Paint {in color of your choice}
*Fabric Medium {to add to acrylic paint}
*Stencil of Design {either premade or make your own}
* Sponge Paint Dabber
*Sewing Machine and thread or an adhesive seam sealer { for a no-sew method!}
First, you will need to decide on the width and length of your runner.
I typically make my runners 14 inches wide. I allow
1 1/2 inches of seam allowances on each side. So, my width to cut is approximately 17 inches…
width:  14″ {desired width} + 3″ {1 1/2″ for a hem on each side} = 17″ cut width
 The length will be the length of your table, plus approximately 16 inches drop on each side {including seam allowances}…
length: length of table + 32″ {14″+14″+1 1/2″+1 1/2″ ~overhang drop on each side plus seam allowance on each side} = length of table + 32″ = cut length
Next, cut your burlap!
Ok, if you have ever worked with burlap, you know how itchy
messy it can be! So, be prepared to scratch and sneeze and sweep!! Hey, it’s all worth it for the love of crafting! Right?


 I am particular about straight lines, and burlap can be a little pesky, so a few years ago I found and incredible tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous on cutting burlap straight and use it each time I work with burlap! It is a major time saver!

 Iron your burlap! This will make hemming a lot easier!

Next, decide if you will sew the hems or use a no-sew method! Unfortunately, I was a very bad blogger and did not take photos of this part! For a sewing method, you will press your seam allowance over and then fold under and press again. Then simply stitch with sewing machine. The Thrifty Abode shows you a very similar method. If you prefer a no-sew method, simply press down your seam allowance and then apply therma-bond,steam-a-seam,stitch witchery, or other product as per manufacturers instructions! Under The Table and Dreaming has a fabulous tutorial on this method using a different fabric.

Here are close ups of my seams…

Finally, you are going to paint your design on. Seriously, let your imagination go here! You can definitely buy a premade stencil, there are so many beautiful ones out there! Or, you can create your own for next to nothing…which is what I did!
Go raid your kids school supplies {pencil,scissors, and ruler} and your kitchen {round plate}…
Simply trace the plate {mine was 12 inches} and then use the ruler to divide the circle like a pie! I then measured in 1/2 an inch {you can see that on the 3 lines I left unpunched} on each line and punched a hole.
Gather your paint supplies and center your stencil on the end of your runner { I allowed approximately 2 inches between the bottom of the stencil and the edge of the hemmed table runner}.
Secure the stencil to the burlap with a little painter’s tape and paint in the dots! Once you have finished all the dots, remove the stencil. Now decide what image you would like to be in the center. I have used this adorable bunny silhouette. I found an image I liked and printed it out, then enlarged it to the size I felt fit my circle. I cut out the image, leaving myself a simple stencil to paint. You could also use your silhouette or cricut to cut an image or letter out too!
Here is my monogrammed one…
and the cute little bunny one…
Stenciled Burlap Tablerunner Tutorial
Table runners are so versatile and can really add a personal touch to your decor! So, let your imagination guide you in creating something special for your home!


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    • WILMA says

      Could anyone tell me where I can buy burlap 20″ x 15′ for a Christmas project for my daughter her table is 113″ long. I would like to make a runner with no visible seams

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing how you made that adorable stenciled table runner, Bonnie. I have a friend who fainted when the embroidery shop told how much it would be do put stitched monograms on runners at her daughter’s wedding reception…I think you have provided a good alternative for a monogram.

  2. says

    Hello to both of you! I’m your newest follower. You two have inspired me! I bet you got those little carrots and the moss bunnies at Pier One? I love that store. After visiting your website and reading your excellent tutorials, I may just get my rusty sewing machine out again! I absolutely love the burlap runner!

  3. says

    Love the runner, love burlap, love bunnies, so what’s not to love. Thanks for a great tutorial, well done. You know you can wash burlap which takes out the stink and stiffness. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best! Ps – you have over 80 links above would love it if you would add my party also.

  4. says

    Adorable! Burlap and monograms are perfect for any season! Visiting from Home Stories A to Z.

    Hope you’ll share it at my party. It is a linked linky party, so post once and your project appears on 4 great blogs! Stop by- the party goes live on Monday at 9pm each week.

    I know your runner will be a hit! :) Samantha

  5. says

    Love that you went all “math” on this craft. I love this table runner. But then, I pretty much love any craft that you do. I’m forever pinning your posts as inspiration.

    Thanks for inspiring me once again.

  6. says

    I totally love this and the whole tablescape looks fantastic! Those carrot napkins look so cute! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark – I’ll be featuring these tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Jenn :)

  7. says

    I love this and am pinning it :)
    I am here from the Bunny Hop at the picket fence.
    Now following you. Please do stop by my blog and check it out and follow if you’d like.

    Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas

  8. says

    Hi there! This is a terrific tutorial! I’m highlighting it in my Tuesday’s Tutorials. The post will be live on Tuesday, April 10th at 7:00am Eastern.

    Thanks for sharing it!



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