Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath

Spooky Mummy Wreath is written on behalf of JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores and their #SpookySpaces campaign.  Of course, all opinions and spookiness are our own.  

Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath #spookyspaces

Since it officially October, I am so glad that I can can start to get our outside spaces all decked out for Halloween without worrying the neighbors that we have gone goth.  Let me tell you… it is so fun!  We are working with Jo Ann for a few holiday projects and our first mission was to create a spooky space.  Well, look no further than this spine tingling Mummy Wreath.  Okay, so you may not be screaming in horror, but it has just enough spook and just enough elegance for this crafty mama.

I know you are dying to learn how to make one for yourself…

Mummy Wreath Tutorial

Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath #SpookySpaces

Supplies Needed: 


Halloween Mummy Wreath #SpookySpaces

Step One.  The most interesting thing about the basic mummy wreath is that it requires no glue or floral wire!  To get started you will take one corner of the fabric and tie it to the back of one of the sticks of the grapevine wreath.  Nothing fancy, we are just helping it to stay put.

Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath #SpookySpaces

Step Two.  Lay the fabric on the top of the grapevine wreath in a zig zag fashion.  Go completely around to cover the front of the wreath.  You will want to push the fabric in between some of the sticks along the way to anchor them.

Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath

Step Three.  For the next phase, I decided to go ahead and hang the wreath on my door.  If there are any spots where the fabric falls, go ahead and tuck them in.  You ready for the fun part?  Stretch and pull and rip… yep… get all those frustrations out!  Get it hanging off like mummy gauze.  Just pull and tug and rip till it looks the way you want it.  The fabric will stick to the grapevine sticks and stay in place.  If you can’t resist, you can glue it down where you want or feel like it needs it.

Spooky Halloween Mummy Wreath #SpookySpaces

Step Four.  The final step in the process is to personalize and embellish your wreath.  This is the time to let your creativity shine!  I decided to add some black and white ribbon, Halloween spider web fabric, and a fun Bat Welcome Sign. This was actually a lawn stake that I cut off… even if we are spooky, we still need to use our manners and welcome our guests, right?!  This is such a fun wreath to make and you can totally make this your own!

 Go get your Halloween mojo on and create a Spooky Space for yourself!


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  1. says

    This is SO creative! I’ve never seen a Mummy wreath before; way to think outside the box…or should I say, “coffin”? Sorry, bad joke. But I’m really loving this project. And thanks for the coupon! I feel a JoAnn’s run coming on!

  2. rhonda says

    This looks like it would be so much fun to make. You don’t have to worry about making a “mistake”, but instead you get to “break the rules” and make it messy. It reminds me of the expression, “coloring outside the lines.”


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