Sponsor Spotlight: Handmade by Hilani

Handmade by Hilani is one of our newest sponsors and we have enjoyed getting to know her so much over the last several weeks!  You will love her blog and all of the wonderful  items in her shop
Meet Hilani…
Hi, I’m Hilani, an early 30’s something Aries who’s been married for 11+ years to a man that still makes me laugh. I’ve acquired the nickname, by friends & family, as the “Go-To” girl. I happily carry that title along side the heart on my sleeve. 
I’ve been sewing on and off for over 13 years, and never get bored by it. You can find me at the sewing machine every time I’m looking for an outlet. Which is often because I’m kind of hard to sit still. I was a social butterfly growing up; well, I guess I still am. 
I also noticed when we moved from the West to Mid-West, I felt a strong need to make our new house a HOME. I feel handmade brings a sense of warmth to a persons personal living space. 
I enjoy being creative, when free time of two boys allows, and right up there with being creative, I heart family time. Together they place in the the number 1 spot of things I love and enjoy!
Where she got her start  { so cool! }…
My resume, before staying home and starting my own business, would tell you I worked in the Entertainment industry along side a few celebrities both TV and Movie personalities.
  One celebrity, a radio talk show host, and New York Times Bestseller, I had the absolute pleasure of working along side was, Dr. Laura Schelssinger. My years with her, as her personal assistant were, as I tell people, just as amazing as being a mom. She was generous, funny and kind. She’s the one who gifted me the sewing machine I use today, to make my creations and sell them to those wishing to own or gift them.  
What you will find on Handmade by Hilani, the blog…
Fabric Bracelet Tutorial
Mini Messenger Purse
What you will find on Handmade by Hilani, the shop
Re Usable Drink Sleeves
Hands-Free Coupon Organizers
Thanks so much Hilani for being one of our sponsors!  It is always so wonderful to find someone who shares your love of all things creative! 

Please stop by and say hello to Hilani of Handmade by Hilani!

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