Slumber Party Tips and Ideas

So recently my girls had a very special event… a Slumber Party! Ah yes…the good ole days….staying up ’til the wee hours giggling and telling stories…good times!

Anyway..flash forward 25 or so years and here we are…no longer the participant, but rather the hostess. So I took full advantage of becoming the hostess with the mostess and threw my girls a fabulous slumber party! We even had a sweet owl theme.

Today I am going to show you a few tips and  ideas for throwing your own slumber party!


When planning a slumber party, here are a few things to consider…

  • Number of children coming.
  • Ages of children coming.
  • Whether or not to have  theme.
  • Types of crafts to do.
  • Types of activities to do.
  • Budget of party.
  • Types of food to have {and whether any children coming have allergies or dietary restrictions}
So after considering these things, the girls and I decided on a theme, made out our list of friends, picked out some crafts and activities, and of course the food! As far as budget…we headed to the dollar store!
We picked out a tote, eye mask,candy,and some fun fingernail polish at the dollar store. I also got a couple of iron on transfers from SEI to use for some crafts. A little later this week, I will show you how we created those cute masks, and the tshirt.
We chose a couple of activities that I knew I would have to help with but they were a HUGE hit with the girls and something they would be able to use over and over again. I was even able to use the tag from one of the crafts as the tag on the tote. Sweet!
Once we had the crafts all picked out and the supplies purchased, we moved onto food. Specifically snacks!
I made these adorable Popcorn Treat Cones prior to the party. Each party goer was able to have their very own to snack away on their popcorn during the movie. ‘Cause you just can’t have a slumber party without a movie…right?
The girls each made a mini pizza with toppings of their choice. Creating your own pizza is a craft in itself and they loved participating in it! Once we ate the yummy pizza, each little one snatched up their popcorn cone and snuggled in to watch Enchanted.
One HUGE tip my sister-in-law Bonnie gave me, was to schedule the slumber party on a Friday night instead of Saturday night. That way the kids have been in school all day and are ready to be together, and are somewhat tired at a decent hour!! Unless of course you want to party all night!
Now is that one happy girl or what? My girls had such a great time with their friends and we created some special memories together!
Oh, and by the way…last tip….NEW PJs are a must! {especially if it is their first slumber party!} I made those adorable tie-dye pjs with a sweet little initial heart on them just for the occasion. I will share how to make those later this week too!
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  1. says

    My daughter is nearing the age where slumber parties become frequent. This one looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to use some of these ideas in planning our own party. Although, I am not a seamstress at all so I’ll have to beg someone else to make PJs for it.

  2. says

    Very cute ideas! I always loved making our own pizzas as a kid and teenager. I made holders out of party hats one year for my oldest to take her treats in to her storytime group. I used a ribbon as the handle and tucked some candy an a cookie inside. Fun idea – I love the way you added the fringe.


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