Circle Punch Topiary

Hi, it’s Ashley from Simply Designing, and I am so excited to be guest posting here at Uncommon today!  I just absolutely adore Bonnie and Trish’s site and so it is quite an honor to be here today!

I have a craft, DIY, design and occasionally some food blog where I love to create, design, inspire all while keeping everything SIMPLE!  And one of the most simple ways to decorate a home, either for the holidays or for everyday living is with topiaries!

Topiaries are so fun, very versatile and incredibly SIMPLE to create so they are right up my alley!  And today I want to show you a very simple topiary that you can make to fit your home, or change up with the seasons!  It takes very little time and only a few supplies!

Circle-Punch Topiary


  • Styrofoam Ball (mine was a 5″ ball)
  • Additional Styrofoam to secure in container
  • Small Container (I love the $1 section at Target, they always have a variety of metal pails!)
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Card Stock, 4-6 pieces of 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking paper will do
  • Pins
  • Shredded Paper (or similar) to fill the top of the container with
  • 2″ Round Circle Punch
  • Hot Glue Gun


1.  Using your 2″ round circle punch, cut out a ton of circles in the paper(s) of your choice.

2.  Starting at the top, pin the circles around your Styrofoam ball, overlapping the paper circles on the sides as well as the tops / bottoms of the circles.  Leave a small opening at the very bottom of the topiary uncovered by paper circles.

3.  Insert your wooden dowel in the small empty space at the bottom of your Styrofoam ball.  You will want to insert the dowel at least 2″-3″ into your Styrofoam ball so that it is very secure!  Use your hot glue gun to secure the wooden dowel firmly into the Styrofoam ball.

4.  Use your hot glue gun to secure additional Styrofoam into the bottom of your container.  The tighter the fit, the better!

5.  Insert the other end of the wooden dowel into the foam in the container and secure using hot glue.

6.  Add shredded paper or similar to the container.


This is just one example of a topiary you could make, but you could also use red. orange and yellow to make a fall inspired topiary or even red, green and gold to make a Christmas inspired topiary!  The options are endless!

You can also have a lot of fun making topiaries with other paper punches:

4th of July Star Topiaries                        Flowered Topiary
Remember, decorating your home for every day living or for the 
holiday’s doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!  
With a little creativity and ingenuity you can turn 
the most simple items into wonderful home decor!
-Ashley Phipps, Simply Designing

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