Silhouette Pumpkins

Do you guys ever want to press the pause button and freeze time?  

Lately, I have really wanted to be able to do that.  My babies are growing up so fast and I wish I could just stop all of the everyday chaos and just drink up every second with them.

 Alas, I was not blessed with with that ability, but I did create these Silhouette Pumpkins to mark this period in our lives the best I could.  I love them so much!

Here is how you can create your own silhouette pumpkins…

Custom Silhouette Pumpkin Tutorial

You will need…

a pumpkin
black vinyl
glue stick
printed photograph of your child
optional: tulle, ribbon, other adornments

*I used cream ceramic pumpkins and black vinyl that I purchased from Hobby Lobby

Step One.  The first thing that you will need to do is decide which direction you would like for your silhouette to face.   You will cut out your silhouette and glue it to the back of the vinyl. 

Step Two.  Now you will simply cut out your silhouette and peel back the paper from the vinyl and apply to your pumpkin!  If your pumpkin has lots of ridges, it may take some pulling up and re-adhering, but the black vinyl is pretty forgiving.  

Step Three. Now that your silhouette is on the pumpkin, it is time to primp!  I painted the stem and leaves black and attached black tulle.  I also decided to add a little ruffle to the hat to bring a little more dimension.  That is all folks!  

They really look so much like the girls and they love them, too!  We are going to add Gabi and Tips { our goldfish } to the little pumpkin this week!  We will also be showing you the complete display that includes these pretty little silhouette pumpkins in the next couple of days.  Have a great weekend!

Take care, 


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Trish Flake

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  1. says

    These are adorable! And while we don’t decorate for Halloween, I love that I could do this for Thanksgiving, switching pilgrims hats for the witches hats. Great idea!

  2. says

    How did you make the ruffle for the hats? Or did you buy them? Let me know pls because I totally want to do this for my little girl!!!!

  3. says

    These pumpkings turned out fabulous! I have a silhouette of my daughter in her room and this is such a cute idea. I’ll have this up on my FB!

  4. says

    i’m so glad i ran across your post at the scoop. i just put this on my list of halloween crafts i want to do this year. i plan to use halloween silhouettes but i love the idea of using your girls. that’s totally adorable! write the year on the bottom of the pumpkins so years from now you an remember their age. we think we’ll never forget these things but trust me that things get blurry after so many years. thanks for sharing! XO- maryjo


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