Ruffled Table Runner from Plastic Tablecloths Tutorial

This Ruffled Table Runner will become the hit of the party… seriously!

ruffled tablerunner from plastic tablecloths #partyideas #partydecor

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope that you had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the week that lies ahead!  I think I am… maybe?! 

 Today I am so excited to show you guys how to make the ruffled table runner from our Beach Ball Summer Party!

ruffled tablerunner from plastic tablecloths #partyideas #partydecor

This was such a fun party decoration to make and it was quick and dirt  cheap!  It cost me $2 and about 20 minutes to make… can’t beat that! I got my tablecloths from Wal-Mart, but you can use any two plastic tablecloths!

Here is how you can make your own ruffled tablerunner from plastic tablecloths…

Supplies for Plastic Ruffled Tablerunner:

1 plastic tablecloth for the ruffle

1 plastic tablecloth for the runner

sewing machine and thread

painters tape


To begin making the ruffled table runner you want to open the tablecloth lengthwise. 

This is the perfect width for a table runner!  Now to measure…. I was making a runner for a six foot table so I found the middle of the runner and put a piece of the painter’s tape.  Then, I measured 36 inches in each direction from the middle point and put another piece of painter’s tape. 

Now to cut the ruffle for the ruffled table runner. 

I got really lucky with this fun striped tablecloth.  When you opened it all the way  out, the stripe only went about 13 inches and then it changed to dots.  I simply cut where the stripes started.  If you have a different tablecloth… just cut 13 inches off of the side.  Once you have this piece cut, you want to cut that in half lengthwise.  You should then have two 13 inch wide strips. 

Sewing the ruffle for the table runner is super easy! 

You simply use the longest stitch on your machine and sew a line about three inches in all the way down. Make sure not to back stitch at the beginning or the end.  Repeat for the other piece. 

Time to ruffle the ruffle!  :)

Simply take one of the threads and gently pull it to gather the runner.  You may want to do half from one side and half from the other.  You want it to end up the same width as the runner.

Let’s attach the ruffle to the table runner!

Find the piece of painter’s tape at the end of the runner and line the ruffle up about an inch below.  You will then glue the ruffle just right on top along the stitch line.  I used Fabri-tac glue to do this.  It has a similar consistency as hot glue, but it isn’t hot.  Perfect for this type of project!  If you have any table runner hanging below the ruffle, just trim.  Repeat for the other side. 

That’s all folks!  Quick and easy!

ruffled tablerunner from plastic tablecloths #partyideas #partydecor

Come back Thursday for more party fun!


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    This is adorable! I love table runner’s on picnic tables too! Something about it just makes me thing picnic and nap in the grass! Maybe I just have napping on my mind, lol!

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    Trish!!! This is a fabulous idea!! I must try to do this for my daughter’s birthday party!!

    Thank so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

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    Thanks so much for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday. I shared on my FB page and someone said you had me until you had to sew. Do you have to sew it to achieve the ruffle affect? I said yes.

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    Oh my! These are fabulous! You take great pictures of your work, too! Very fun!

    We would LOVE for you to stop over and link up this awesome idea in our Crafty Saturday Showcase. The Showcase runs Saturday through Thursday. Then our Designers will pick their top linked up picks and feature them on Friday! Stop over and join in the fun! We have a linky for crafty bloggers and ETSY/Business Bloggers, too!

    Have a super weekend,



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