Rubbermaid All Access Organizers for my Craft Room

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rubbermaid all access

You may remember over seven months ago when I shared lots of craft organization ideas.  I was ready to get organized and so inspired.  You know what I did?  Not much!  In fact, I had more of a mess last week than ever!!  So in the spirit of full disclosure, here is one little corner of my craft room.  Please don’t close your browser because I am a total craft slob.  I promise to do better!!

rubbermaid all access

I am on my way to recovery for sure with the help of Rubbermaid’s All Access Organizers from Home Depot.  They are just fabulous and just what I needed to get my horrible mess under control. Well, maybe the organizers and a little willpower!

rubbermaid all access

At first glance, you might think they are just another heavy duty organizer.  They are in a way, they are in that they are durable and stackable, but they are so much more…

rubbermaid all access


They have an innovative, clear drop down door, so you can easily see what is stored inside.  It is also  simple to open the door and get what you need, even when the containers are stacked. Perfect for when you are searching for that certain something that is at the bottom of the stack!

rubbermaid all access

 I love that you have the ability to open them from the top or from the front!

rubbermaid all access

 Rubbermaid’s All Access Organizers are perfect for closets, playrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere you need accessible storage.  For me, they were perfect for my craft room. I picked up two of each size from Home Depot. I have them under my craft table right now and have them organized by current projects, upcoming projects, seasonal, and equipment.  Finally some peace in the chaos I call a craft room!

rubbermaid all access

 This opportunity just could not have come at a better time… and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this craft table that I will share with you soon!  For now, I am just thrilled to know where everything is and have a clean table to work on! These All Access organizers have been a lifesaver!

I’d love for you to take some time to visit Home Depot and Rubbermaid.  You can also find Home Depot and Rubbermaid on Facebook!


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    Great use for those All Access storage boxes! Isn’t it amazing how the craft stuff just seems to multiply and take over? I was intrigued by the craft table on risers. Is that to bring it up to counter height or was it a short table to begin with? I may have to consider doing the same thing to our school table/crafting station. Anyway, thanks for sharing your controlled chaos with us. You did a great job of organizing! Have a blessed day!


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