Ribbon Wreath { a Tutorial }

ribbon wreath tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to create a wreath that is so easy and one that Bonnie and I have been making for a few years now.  This design has become a classic of ours and we thought it was time to share it with you!

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial  

Ribbon Wreath


18 inch wire wreath form
48 yards of ribbon
coordinating tulle

ribbon wreath tutorial

Step one.  The first thing you will do is to cut your ribbon into 24″ lengths.  You will take a piece of ribbon, weave it between the two bottom spokes of the wreath form, make bunny ears, then tie like you would a bow. 

ribbon wreath tutorial

Step Two.  Now you will repeat step one with the ribbon weaving through the top two spokes, making the bunny ears, and tying a bow.  Then start the process all over again going from top to bottom.  

ribbon wreath tutorial

Step Three.  Work your way around the entire wreath form.  You will use eight lengths of ribbon for each section.  

Ribbon Wreath

Step four.  This is what your wreath will look like once you have the ribbon all around it.  Now we need to add a little tulle and do a little froof-ing!  To add the tulle you will simply tie about an 8 inch section of tulle around one of the wires and fluff it out.  That is it!  

ribbon wreath tutorial

These ribbon wreaths are just so easy and really make a statement!  With all of the ribbon patterns and colors out there… the possibilities are endless!  Have fun with it!  

ribbon wreath tutorial

Take care! 


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  1. Loving how full this turned out : ) I have that same ribbon ; )Super cute ladies!!

  2. Love this! I’ve seen it done with foam before but not a wire wreath form. This looks so classy – and easy!

  3. Gorgeous! I love it!

  4. So lovely!
    Inspiring. It’s starting the season for Wreaths, isn’t it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I would have guessed that you had used a foam wreath and like that this is simply the wire wreath with ribbon. Looks beautiful!

  6. Super cute idea! Love the color too :) Go Tigers!

  7. It’s so pretty! The color is great too!

  8. I love this…so cute and festive! You guys are SO CREATIVE!!


  9. Love this! So simple and beautiful.

  10. WOW ladies, I have never seen this before… I love it!! And it looks easy enough that I could sit down and do it while watching Netflix :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial with all of us!

  11. How cute and so original! I’m ‘stumbling’ this one!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  12. I better pin this one! It looks so lush. ~ Maureen

  13. That is really great! I will be bookmarking this – love how the look can be totally personalized by just using the ribbons you love! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  14. wooooow so nice

  15. That’s so pretty! You could decorate for every holiday or season with that idea, love it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  16. This is beautiful. Love the color you chose!

    Love for you to share it at my linky party if you get a chance :)

  17. I love this … and unlike other ribbon wreaths I’ve seen, this doesn’t have pins holding the ribbons in! Love it! I would love for you to share this post and any other Fall related post you have, at this week’s It’s Fall Y’all ~ Linky Party. Hope to see you there!

  18. That came out so pretty. I love that poppy color- probably why fall is my favorite season.

  19. I love the colour and wow, it really is a beautiful wreath! Looks fairly easy to make too.
    Saw you At The Picket Fence
    Debbie :)

  20. Oh I love this and how simple! Pinning this for Christmas

  21. That’s truly gorgeous! i can see it in different versions, Christmas, Summer, spring, wow, thanks for the wonderful idea!!

  22. Pinned your wreath and shared it on my blog today, also on Facebook as one of “My Friday Fave Pins”!!
    Have a great day!!

  23. I’m seeing so many great wreaths but this is the first one I’ve seen made with ribbon and I love it. Pinning for inspiration!

  24. Oh, shared it over on Facebook too. Can you tell that I’m loving this wreath. I think I could even make one. I purchased a wire wreath form just like the one you used last week at Hobby Lobby. Now just need to get some ribbon.

  25. I never would have thought this to be so simple, thanks so much for sharing @ Miss Information

  26. Such a great tutorial and it looks so simple! Pinning this one :) Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  27. I adore this wreath! I used the same technique on a wreath that I did earlier this year. Thanks so much for sharing at Fabulous Friday. I featured you!


  28. GLenore says:

    Did this really take 48 yards of ribbon?? I can’t find a store that carries that much of the same kind (or even half that much).

  29. How much ribbon would you use for a smaller wreath?

  30. Saw this on Pinterest. Absolutely love the color choice and design.

  31. Jacqueline says:

    I really love this wreath! I want to try to make it. I am not crafty whatsoever, so excuse me if this is a silly question but did you use wired ribbon? And how thick was your ribbon? Thanks for your help and easy instructions!!! :)


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