Printable Summer Bucket List

Who is ready for summer?

Making a summer bucket list is a long time family tradition in our family. A few summers ago,  my daughter made her own bucket list and loved it. So our sweet contributor Jennifer is here today with a fabulous Printable Summer Bucket List

Print out this summer bucket list and great ready for some summer fun with Uncommon Designs!

Make the most of your summer this year with a bucket list!

Thanks to Bonnie & Trish, I’m back again to share another fun printable with you all…a summer to-do-list that will knock your kiddo’s socks off!
I mean these activities seem pretty darn exciting to me so one can only guess
 they will love this list too!
A super fun Free Printable Summer Bucket List idea and activity! #freeprintable #summer #bucketlist

Want to take the fun factor up a notch?

Grab a beach bucket from your local Dollar Store, slap the bucket list on the front of it, and then let your kids use it through out the warm season to collect mementos from all the different activities you guys do.

Beach shells, ticket stubs, pictures from your hike; they’ll have a blast going through their bucket at the end of the summer and reminiscing about all the fun they had!

Print out this summer bucket list and great ready for some summer fun with Uncommon Designs!


Print out this summer bucket list and great ready for some summer fun with Uncommon Designs!


Hope this helps get your summer off to a great start!

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    • Mary says

      You could do something like this for winter. Build a snowman. Build a snowcastle (instead of a sandcastle). Go ice skating. Go sledding. Go to a movie. Read a book. Draw/paint a picture. There’s so many ideas. If it’s something that’s there’s that’s too big to put in the bucket as a memorial you could always take a picture. I hope this inspires you. Have a great winter. :)

  1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this printable list. What a great idea to have it on the bucket ready to be checked off. Thanks for stopping by our Simply Create Link Party. We can’t wait to see what you link up this week. :)

  2. Jim says

    What font is used for this list? We would like to personalize it for our special needs class and cannot locate this font! Thanks.


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