Pottery Barn Inspired Peace Heart Jewelry Dish

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Hello friends! I have a great little project for you today. I saw a little jewelry dish as I was browsing the pages of my Pottery Barn catalog, and I knew I wanted to make one for my teenage daughter for her Valentine’s Day treat. It is really so simple and was a lot of fun to create…

Pottery Barn Inspired Peace Heart Jewelry Dish. A step by step tutorial. #potterybarn #decoart #organization #jewelry

Adorable right? Practical, with just the right amount of bling for a teen! Peace and Love…right?!

Let’s get started making one for you!

Supplies Needed for Peace Heart Jewelry Dish:


1. Heart Shaped Plate { this one is from Target }

2. Spray primer { to cover the print on the plate }

3. Americana Multi-surface Satin paint in Cottonball

4. DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish Writer in Gold

5. Pencil

Step One:


Spray 2 coats of  primer to cover the design on the plate. If you find a plate without a design, you can skip this step!  Allow the primer to dry fully.

Step Two:


Paint 2 coats of Americana Multi-surface Satin paint on the dish. This is just the best paint. It covers so well, and is thick and creamy. Love it!  Allow the paint to dry fully.

Step Three:


Now the fun begins! You will use the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Writer to “dot” the design onto your dish. This paint will dry with a raised texture and metallic color. I simply used a pencil to place light marks on the plate, to help me space the design out correctly.


Simply, squeeze and dot. They all do not have to be perfect. You might want to practice making the dots a few times on a paper plate to get the feel of it. { I did! }


I love the raised look of these dots. They add fabulous texture and interest to this little plate. Continue placing the paint dots all the way around the heart shaped dish.

Step Four:


Run two lines of dots from top to bottom on heart plate. I spaced mine apart a bit. Careful not to bump any other dots, they will not be dry yet! Trust me!

Step Five:


Now , this is the only tricky part of the process. BEFORE you place the final dots for the peace sign, look at both sides and decide exactly where they need to go. I counted up the same number of dots on  each side to determine where to start. You will need two lines of dots on each side that will connect the outer dots to the inner line dots. HINT: If you place a dot incorrectly, take a wet q tip and quickly wipe the dot off. 

Pottery Barn Knockoff Jewelry Dish. Peace Sign painted. #decoart #potterybarn #peace

I absolutely love the gold metallic color these dots dry to. I allowed the plate to sit overnight to dry fully before using it. My daughter adores it and we actually made another one for a gift.


I love it when something you make that is cute, is also oh so functional. My daughter needed somewhere to place her jewelry other than on the counter or ….gasp…floor….cause I am sure that never happens at your house!



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