Pine Cone Flower Embellished Mason Jars

Can you feel it in the air? FALL! With it’s arrival comes a change in decorating… textures and natural elements. Today I am going to show you how to create these beautiful…

Pine Cone Flower Embellished Mason Jars…

Pine cone embellished mason jars

Craft Supplies Needed:

Pine Cone Flowers

Circular Chipboard Shapes
Tools Needed:
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Needle Nose Pliers
Strong Scissors 

Let’s get started! First, you will wrap the mason jars. I wrapped two with braided jute twine. The other one, I wrapped with sueded chocolate brown cording. To braid the jute twine, cut 3 lengths of jute twine and tie together at one end. I estimated my length based on this very non-exact formula….

length around jar  x  number of times to wrap {5}  x 2.5 = cut length of jute twine {you will need 3 cut lengths to braid together!}

Pine cone flower

Next, you will create the beautiful pine cone flowers. First we need to cut apart the pine cone! 

Pine Cone Flower embellished mason jars

Step 1:
Gather your supplies!

Step 2:

Use your needle nose pliers and carefully pull out a row of pine cone pieces all the way around the cone. This will allow a space for you to saw the cone apart!

Step 3:
Very carefully, use your craft saw to cut apart the pine cone. You will be using the bottom piece as one of your flowers.

Step 4:
Carefully peel the pine cone pieces off. You may need to actually cut them off from the core of the pine cone. 

Now we are to the part where you create your flower. Simply begin with your round chipboard circle. Start gluing your pine cone pieces down along the edge of the chipboard circle.

pine cone flower

Continue to layer the pine cone pieces on top of each other until you reach the middle. Now, glue the wooden plug down in the center of the flower.

Pine cone flowers

I created two different three different types of flowers…one from the end of the pine cone, one “daisy” looking flowers, and one “mum” looking flower. How cool are these! 

Pine cone mason jar flowers

Once the flowers were dry, I glued them onto the jute twine and sueded cording with my glue gun. I absolutely love how they turned out! The earthy textures and colors welcome fall!

Pine cone embellished mason jars

These are the perfect accent for my home for the fall season and Thanksgiving. Place a little candle in them or use them as a vase…so many possibilities! 

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So much inspiration for fall decor! We hope we have inspired you to create a little for your own home as well!

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  1. says

    these are so cute. what a creative way to use pinecones!

    We just got our link party up and running and would love if you came and joined in on the fun. Each week we are giving away free ad space for one week to one random party goer. Our main site gets thousands of hits per day and The Better Half gets thousands per week. Hope to see you there!

  2. Teresa says

    Question on the jute or you glue the ends onto the jars to keep them in place?How does the jute stay put on the jars without slipping? Love this idea, making for our craft fair at church!!

  3. Michelle Mortensen says

    Seriously??? It was like you created this craft just for ME!!! I am crushing out over mason jars and I have had a lifelong love of pine cones ( for reasons I do not know). I even have a pine cone “collection”. I am away this weekend, but as soon as I return home, I will be going to the hardware store to buy a little saw. Then, I will be making my pine one embellished mason jars. Thanks for the GREAT idea. I love the way these look!

  4. Lorinda says

    I was wondering how big the Circular Chipboard Shapes are? And also what size Round Wooden Plugs you used? Also do you glue the twine down? I am trying to make these for my wedding center pieces but am a little lost. I look forward to your reply. Thank you!


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