Peg Doll Angel Ornament

peg doll angel

Hey y’all!  

 We recently had the chance to try out some of Deco Art’s acrylic paint and I am so excited to share this sweet peg doll angel ornament with you today!  Isn’t she such a cutie?!

Peg Doll Angel Ornament Tutorial

peg doll angel


peg doll angel ornament

 Step One.  Paint the Peg Doll with the flesh colored acrylic paint (antique white).  Make sure to paint the bottom, too!

peg doll angel

Step Two.  Paint the white dress on the angel with a paintbrush.  I left the bottom the flesh color.  You may want to do a few coats depending on how thick you are applying the paint.

peg doll angel

Step Three.  While your angel dress is drying, I threaded the screw eye through the hole of the sequin.

peg doll angel

Step Four.  Now you want to insert the screw eye into the back of the angel’s head.  You can use a drill to start a hole, a push pin, or ice pick.  I usually just use a little elbow grease!

peg doll anger

Step Five.  Now you will trim your feathers to the size you want them and glue them to the back of the angel.  You can still go back and trim the feathers again once the hot glue has dried.

peg doll angel

Step Six.  Now, just tie some ribbon or use an ornament hanger and you are ready to hang this little sweetie up!

Be sure to check out Deco Art’s 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments for more great ideas!




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