Peace Sign Wall Art for Christmas

Hey y’all!  We are finally finished with decorating our house for Christmas.  Can I get a yahoo?!  Today, as part of Make It Fun Team® with FloraCraft® , I am sharing the awesome Peace Sign Wall Art that is now hanging in our living room.

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art Piece for the Holidays by Uncommon Designs

With two little girls, one being a tween… we are huge fans of peace signs and I think “peace” is going to be my mantra for this holiday season.  For me, peace can be pretty hard to grasp during this busy holiday season.  There is one thing that really does soothe the soul for me and that is holiday crafting!  Let’s learn how to make some Peace Sign Wall Art!

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art Piece for the Holidays by Uncommon Designs

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 pieces of 1/2″ thick rectangular Make It: Fun Foam sheets 
  • foam cutter
  • large gold and silver sequins
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • peace sign template

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art P

Step One.  Using a hot glue gun, glue the two foam sheets together. I then added a few dabs of hot glue to secure the template to the top.  I cut around the black outline of the peace sign using the foam cutter.  This was so simple with this tool… a real time saver!

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art P

Step Two.  Once cut out, I gently pushed the excess foam shapes out and was left with this peace sign foam shape.  Now time for the fun!

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art

Step Three.  Time to add some sparkle!  I can’t lie… this wasn’t a quick project, but it was so simple to do while watching a Christmas movie.  I simply used the hot glue gun to attach the large sequins to the foam form.  To begin, I attached the sequins to the sides and then I finished up by gluing the sequins to the top of the peace sign.  This worked best by adding the glue directly to the foam and then putting on the sequins.  You can do several at one time, which was fabulous!

Make a Peace Sign Wall Art P

I hung it on a picture that I lined with black craft paper to give it a chalkboard look and it really made it pop.  It is so shiny and just sparkles like crazy.  I am officially in love with my little peace sign!  I totally could have used a cut out peace sign from the craft store, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as large as this one.  It is quite the statement piece in our holiday home.  Now to keep working toward finding a little more peace in our lives this Christmas… I wishing it for all of us!


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    I am in love with this, too! It’s so gorgeous and sparkly. And yes, we all need to find a little piece of peace this holiday season! Thank you, ladies.


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