Paper Bat Halloween Tree

I have been loving all the adorable Halloween trees in the blog world! So today, I decided to create my own, extremely simple, version! This paper bat Halloween tree is both quick and super easy…

Paper Bat Halloween Tree

Remember those dollar store owl die cuts I used to make my Halloween Owl Plate? Well…they also hat a collection of bats! Here is what you will need to make this simple and quick…

Paper Bat Halloween Tree

Paper Bat Halloween Tree


1 package of paper bat die cuts { from Dollar Tree }

1 roll newspaper print wrapping paper { from Target dollar spot }

1 black urn { from Hobby Lobby }

dark brown or black spooky branches { from Hobby Lobby }

floral foam

floral wire

extra small hole punch

Paper Bat Halloween Tree

Step 1: Place the spooky tree branches into your urn.

Step 2: Secure the position of the branches by placing floral foam around the branches.

Step 3: Punch a small hole into each bat, make sure you punch a hole in the bottom of the bat that you would like to hang upside down!

Step 4: Cut small 2 inch lengths of floral wire and curve into an “s” shape and insert one end through the hole in each bat.

Step 5: hang the bats all over the tree like they are flying and hanging upside down.

Step 6: Cut 1/2 inch wide strips of the newspaper wrapping paper and place into the urn to cover the floral foam.

That is it!

Paper Bat Halloween Tree

I love how this Paper Bat Halloween Tree turned out! It is the perfect centerpiece for my table and a great jumping off point for the rest of my table decor to come! It is amazing to me what you can find at the dollar store!

Paper Bat Halloween Tree

So are you ready for Halloween yet? You should check out our Silhouette Pumpkins, Felt Owl Vases, and Spider Web Wreath for some more inspiration!


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    Super cute, Bonnie! I love simple, affordable awesome DIY Halloween. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your creativity in the DIY Fall Festival – loved seeing you there!


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