Patriotic Pinwheel Cake… A No Bake Cake!

 Can you guess how this adorable patriotic pinwheel cake is a no bake cake?

patriotic pinwheel cake

 Someone baked it… just not me! I know… super cheesy, but I am here to show you again, that desserts can be creative and easy!  This project is a fabulous combination of the 4th of July cake pops that we shared on Tuesday mixed with the ease of our pom pom cake toppers.

patriotic pinwheels

Last year post-fourth of July, we picked up these adorable patriotic pinwheels knowing something could be made with them!  I love the designs and the classic colors that were used and who wouldn’t love mini pinwheels?!

no bake cake

 Now, you know that I am no expert baker, so anytime I can buy a cake and place something pretty on it and call it a day, I am all in!  So here, I simply put three of the pinwheels in the top of the cake.  I made sure that they were differing heights.  Then, I took the sticks off of the other three and just pushed them into the side of the cake.  That is it… not too shabby for $1, huh?  If you are looking to save a few dollars on your holiday party, you should also check out the girls from At the Picket Fence’s post on Fourth of July decor on a budget.  Some really cute ideas for next to nothing!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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  1. Very cute idea! I love the pinwheels. And, I love no-bake ideas too :)

  2. You know, sometimes I forget to keep it simple! Great idea here, thanks for reminding me that things can be fabulous without having to do every little thing yourself!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I adore white cakes with simple decorations. Oh and I totally laughed at your “someone baked it..just not me” comment lol! I adore you Trish!

  4. Hilani @ Handmade by Hilani says:

    I love all things Pinwheels and Patriotic! Great job ladies!

  5. What a cute idea! It looks fantastic.

  6. Love the pinwheel decorations on the cake! Super cute!!

  7. Wish I had seen this before July 3rd ;) But I’m going to make a version for an upcoming birthday party!


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