Mini Halloween Apothecary Jars

Halloween is just around the corner, but we have one more Halloween project for you!

Mini Halloween Apothecary Jars…

 mini halloween apothecary jars
These adorable little jars are the perfect touch for your Halloween decor! Let’s get started…

 Mini Halloween Apothecary jars


Supplies Needed for Mini Halloween
 Apothecary Jars…

1 package multi-sized mini bottles with cork tops
1 package extra small screw eyes
Label stickers of choice
Sprinkles in Halloween Colors
Jute Twine
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

 Mini Halloween Apothecary jars

Step 1… Clean off the outside of your bottles. I like to wipe down glass with a little rubbing alcohol to remove any reside so that the sticker will adhere. Pick out which label sticker you would like to apply. {Hint: Another option is to create your own spooky labels yourself and print them out.}
 Mini Halloween Apothecary jars

Step 2… Apply the stickers to the bottles. I chose to only put the labels on the largest bottles. How cute are these looking!!

 Mini Halloween Apothecary jars

Step 3… Attach the screw eyes into the top of the corks very gently. Fill each bottle with your candy sprinkles. I then placed the cork top into each of the bottles with a little bit of glue from  my glue gun, for a little bit of support from the top coming off!

 Mini Halloween Apothecary jars

Step 4… Finally add a bit of jute twine through each screw eye and tie in a knot. That is it! 

mini halloween apothecary jars

Now you have the perfect little Mini Halloween Apothecary Jars to accent your Halloween tree or garland…or just to set out during the Halloween season!

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