A Lamp Update: Chalky Finish Paint by Americana Decor

 Hey y’all! Not only are Bonnie and I part of the core blogging team for DecoArt, we are just raving fans of their products.  So, when they contacted us about trying out some new Chalky Finish Paint from their new Americana Decor line… I would have done a cartwheel if I didn’t think I’d end up in the ER!  I have wanted to update a lamp for my craft room and this was the absolute perfect opportunity.

Updating a lamp with chalky finish paint

I have so many blogging friends that have rehabbed some amazing pieces of furniture in the past with specialized paint and I’ve always wanted to try.  I love the old world, vintage feel of a matte chalky finish and really needed a little character in my craft room.


Updating a Lamp with Deco Art's New Chalky Finish Paint

I came across this lamp that I loved.  It had a modern feel, but was just too dark… it needed a little lightening up.  In came the chalky finish paint.  The problem was this….


chalky finish paint

Umm… there were so many fabulous colors to pick from it was hard to decide!  You have to check out all of these colors… just an amazing selection.  The new Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is available online at Home Depot. You can have it shipped straight to your front door, or you have have it delivered to your local Home Depot and pick it up for free! Talk about service with a crafty smile from this girl!

Updating a Lamp with Americana Decor’s Chalky Finish Paint…

Chalky Finish Paint

Step One.  Choose your piece and paint color.  I chose a lamp with a wooden base and the Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting.  I figure that I can’t go wrong with a beautiful snowy white.

Painting A Lamp

Step Two.  Tape off your project and paint.  Yep, I didn’t have to prime one single bit… even with the dark wood!  I painted three coats and it took very little time.  I used a regular old bristled paint brush to do the job. The paint dries quickly and I love the smooth finish.

Step Three.  Choose your finish.  I wanted the smooth, ultra matte finish that is achieved without wax.  You may also want to try out the creme waxes for different looks that are equally as  beautiful.  I love this how-to video that Home Depot provides that shows you how to apply the wax and how the different colored waxes can change your finished look.

Painted Lamp with Chalky Finish Paint

Step Four.  Add your shade and enjoy!  I love the warmth and style this lamp has added to my craft room.  I can’t wait to give those other fabulous colors a try… and you know I will!

For more chalky finish projects, you can visit DecoArt’s website!



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  1. says

    Thanks for the tutorial on updating a lamp. You make it look possible for me to do it. And I love the outcome of your makeover. It’s stunning!

  2. says

    I just read about this paint and am so excited to try it! I love ASCP but would love something cheaper and more widely available, can’t wait to grab some!

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