Lace Trimmed Tshirt Refashion…

  OK…let’s be super honest here…I am not one of those young  20 somethin’ girls. I have had the, umm, “big” , birthday!! I am past the point of certain clothing options….
Anyway, I always love it when I find something that I love and can be worn no matter what age you are and is not tiny tiny or really skimpy! This t-shirt refashion over at Sweet Verbena is just fabulous!!
 So I decided to make something for myself…shocking I know! My daughter asked me..”Mom, who are you making that for?” and I answered, “ME!”, to which she replied, “HUH??”
Anyway, it turned out soooo cute!!!
I simply got a navy, scoop neck t-shirt ( mine came from Wal-Mart) and some sweet white eyelet lace ( this came from Hobby Lobby)….

Then I sewed the eyelet onto the t-shirt using a zig-zag stitch…(a little tip…put the shirt on before you sew to make sure you have the eyelet lined up in the middle!!)
I love the way it turned out and dresses up a really inexpensive t-shirt…it will be so cute with my white jeans when it is not over 100 degrees outside!!!
If you knew how much I HATE having my picture taken, you could truly appreciate the fact that I was able to put my photo here!! :) 
I would love to do this out of embroidered, wide ribbon for the fall on a long sleeve t-shirt! I think that would look great with a pair of comfy jeans!

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  1. Love the t-shirt, Bonnie. I might just have to try that soon (when school gets going TOMORROW!). Oh and by the way – you look great! You haven’t aged one little bit!


  2. Love it!

  3. Beautiful shirt. Now I want one. ;-) thanks for linking up at Trendy Treehouse.

  4. Heather & Rose says:

    Looks awesome! I like the idea with the long sleeves.
    We are having a link party every tuesday, we would love it if you came and linked up. Its still going on right now.
    *Crafty Lassie Tuesday*
    Heather an Rose

  5. Adorable! Is it really that easy?? I love it!

    By the way, I am hosting my very FIRST link party and I would love to have you link this to it–

  6. so cute shirt….thanks for sharing

  7. I’m always looking for something simple to do for myself as well. I’m going to try it out. So nice looking! (Love your porch too)

  8. What a cute shirt! I think I could tackle something like this and give myself a whole new wardrobe.

    I’m a new blogger. Please stop by Over the Hill and ‘Round the Bend and stay hello.

  9. I love that shirt. It is simple yet so feminine and pretty. I am with you sista on the age thing and I think I am going to have to make myself one as well!

  10. This is so pretty! I want one!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. great job on this shirt! I would love if you’d come share with my readers on MoMomma Monday! :)

  12. This looks so classic & current at the same time – that made more sense in my head =). I definitely think I’ll make a long sleeve one for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    katy @ redBuddy notes

  13. Cool – so easy to do but such a great eye catcher! Love it! Love the picture of you, too – you´re a very beautiful woman!
    Have a great day!

  14. Great idea! And you’re super cute!

  15. Too Cute!

  16. Awesome shirt!

  17. Very cute. The pattern actually inspired a new dress design so thank you!! :)


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