Kid’s Table Felt Thanksgiving Placemats

Happy November friends! The weather has turned quite cold on us suddenly here in the south. Bonnie and I are looking forward to all this month has to offer. Thanksgiving is one of our most favorite times of the year.  For us, Thanksgiving is centered around family, especially our children.  Today, we are going to show you how to create these simple  Kid’s Table Felt Thanksgiving Placemats for those little ones who enjoy a festive Thanksgiving setting as much as the adults.

DIY no sew Kid's Table Felt Thanksgiving Placemats. A fun accent for the kids at Thanksgiving

Adorable right? What little one would not love to have their table dressed up { in a kid friendly way of course } for the special Thanksgiving meal? Warm and cozy! Even a sweet little pocket to neatly hold the utensils.  And it is a no-sew project too! Let’s get started crafting…

Supplies Needed: 

12″ by 16″ rectangle of brown craft felt
4″ by 6″ rectangle of brown craft felt
3 felt leaves
Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors
hot glue gun/ glue sticks or Fabri-tac

simple Thanksgiving

  Sometimes in a craft project it is all about the tools you use that make it look fabulous and super easy to do.  These Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors definitely fit in that category!  This project can be done in about five minutes with this guy.  That is super important when you have lots of holiday guests and lots of placemats to complete!

simple Thanksgiving

 Step One:

 Fringe the right and left sides of your large felt piece.  You want to use your fringing scissors and cut a little over an inch long.  If you don’t have my fancy schmancy craft scissors,  you totally can use regular scissors to make equal cuts all the way down the sides of the placemats.

simple Thanksgiving

 Step Two:

  To make the utensil pocket, you will take the smaller piece of felt and fold down top about one inch and glue it down.  You then will hot glue the sides and bottom to your placemat where you want it to go.  Finally, glue down your leaves for embellishment! We made our felt leaves using our Sizzix Big Shot and Leaf Die Cuts but your could make them by tracing leaf shapes and simply cutting them out.

simple thanksgiving

 Step Three:

 The last thing I did was glue one more felt leaf down in the lower right hand side of the placemat.  That’s all folks! Now you have an adorable placemat for your little { or big } kid’s table for Thanksgiving!

DIY no sew Kid's Table Felt Thanksgiving Placemats. A fun accent for the kids at Thanksgiving

 Such a fun and easy project… even your kids could help you make it!  Just use Fabri-tac instead of hot glue! Getting your kids or grandkids involved in a craft project like this is a great way to spend time together and it gives them such a sense of accomplishment. They really do love spending time together creating.

DIY no sew Kid's Table Felt Thanksgiving Placemats. A fun accent for the kids at Thanksgiving

 If you want to really go all out, you have got to see my Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

Pilgrim boat Thanksgiving Table centerpiece. Kid's thanksgiving ta.ble

What kid would not want to hang out at that Thanksgiving table? Adorable! The pilgrim boat centerpiece is so fun and those little Turkey Napkin Rings are a perfect accent. And how about making some little Native American Head Dresses for your little ones…

Native American Head Dress for Thanksgiving.

Precious right?  My little LaLa loved these. Bonnie’s family started a sweet tradition a few years ago. The Thankful Bucket Garland is a wonderful way for your family and children to learn about gratitude and thankfulness…

Thankful Bucket Garland. Teach your children about thankfulness during the Thanksgiving season.

So are you ready  to get to crafting? Which Thanksgiving craft are you going to tackle first?

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  1. Crystal says

    Cute placemats!! Since I don’t have little ones any more, I’m saving this for grandkids someday. Thanks so much!! Pinned :)


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