Kids Piano Makeover

Hello Uncommon Design Readers! I’m Rachel from R & R Workshop and I’m glad to be back today to share  project! I have 3 sisters and when we were kids we had a little piano. I still remember playing it and wish we would have saved it. So I have been on the lookout for a piano for my kids. I am so excited to show you what I found and did… a Kids Piano Makeover!

Kids Piano Makeover via

I found this piano for $5 and I couldn’t pass it up! I knew that a piano makeover would have to happen. I like Barbie..but not this much haha!

Kids Piano Makeover via

While I love the color pink, I chose to paint it a different color because we already have a ton of pink in our house. Navy is one of my favorite colors and so classic. After some thinking… I decided to go for it! I love how classic it looks and it doesn’t even look like a kids toy piano anymore!

Here’s what you will need:

Kids Piano Makeover via

kids piano

Navy Spray Paint- Krylon Color Master Spray Paint in Navy Blue

Silver Metallic Spray Paint- Krylon Color Master Metallic Spray Paint in Silver

Primer- I used gray

Painters tape

Paint Brush

Bow (optional)

1. First, clean the piano as best you can. This piano was dirty on the keys and there were stickers stuck to it. I used a heavy duty cleaner called Sol-U-Mel and an x acto knife to get the stickers off.

Kids Piano Makeover via

2. Spray your piano with primer. Gray primer is what I used but any primer would work. Let dry.

3. Now for the navy paint! I painted 2 coats on the piano and stool- allowing time for the piano to dry in-between each coat. Don’t forget to cover the keys so you don’t spray them!

4. The tricky part is painting between the keys. I taped it off with tape and used a paint brush to get in between the small spaces.

Kids Piano Makeover via

5. I wanted to add a little detail on the top of the piano. I painted the top with the silver spray paint. Once it is dry, tape off your rectangle. Spray the top with navy paint.

Kids Piano Makeover via

6. One dry, peel off tape.  And ta-da! Your done!
Kids Piano Makeover via

I seriously love how it turned out!! I suggest allowing 1-2 days for paint to dry thoroughly.

 Kids Piano Makeover via

My kids love playing it.

Kids Piano Makeover via


Add some books and a plant for a more grown-up look! (Can you tell I had a little fun taking these pictures!)

Kids Piano Makeover via

Kids Piano Makeover via
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    Hi! Great makeover! Just wanted to let you know that I featured one photo from this tutorial on my blog. It’s linked to this post and to R & R Workshop. I’ll stop by and let Rachel know, too. Happy Sunday!

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