Handmade Mother’s Day Gift: A Frosted Glass Vase

Mother’s Day is coming in a few weeks and today we have a wonderful handmade Mother’s Day gift idea for you.  We painted a frosted glass vase with some fabulous Martha Stewart Crafts supplies and we are going to show you how!

handmade mother's day gift

As children we loved making a special gift for Mom… that doesn’t have to change just because we are all grown up!  I just know that my Mom loves them and I hope she will love this monogrammed vase.  

Monogrammed Frosted Glass Vase Tutorial

frosted glass vase

Supplies Needed:

frosted vase stencil

Step One. Before we get started painting, we will need to get the surface prepared.  All you  need to do is clean the glass surface with rubbing alcohol and let it dry for a few minutes.  Next, we are going to apply our stencil for the circle.  The thing that I like best about these stencils is that they have an adhesive backing.  You will stick the stencil on the glass where you want it to go and smooth it down.  No tape needed! 

frosted vase painting

Step Two.  Now it is time to paint!  The brushes from the Martha Stewart Crafts are specifically designed to paint on glass and there are several brushes in the set.  Each of the brushes  in the set has its own job.  I used the brushes that were designed for detailed painting.  To complete the monogrammed vase, I painted the round stenciled circle first and let it dry for a few minutes.  I then went back and painted the monogram in the center.  It really was so simple and the stencils were a lifesaver.

frosted glass vase monogram

Step Three.  Now it is time to let it dry!  Once you have completed your monogrammed frosted glass vase, let it dry for at least three hours before using, but overnight is best!  That’s all folks! Fill it with flowers and goodies and you have the perfect, personalized Mother’s Day gift!


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frosted glass vase


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