How to Keep Your Shower Clean with Rain-X

Hi, friends!  Meredith here, from unOriginal Mom.  I have been LOVING my visits over her at Uncommon Designs…last month I shared with you tips to create a command center that works for your family, and the month before that I told you about my favorite tip for shining your stainless steel appliances.  This month, I’m excited to bring you another super simple household cleaning tip, this time for your bathroom… how to keep your shower clean with Rain-X


How to keep your Shower clean with Rain X

We recently moved into a new house, and it has a to-die-for master shower.  I’m talking uber-over-the-top, need-a-diagram-to-know-which-faucet-to-turn-on kind of shower!  It took some getting used to…but now I’m officially shower-spoiled :-)  The only downside is that it’s difficult to keep clean!  I’m still working on how to really get the grout clean, but I discovered a great way to help with the glass…Rain-X!

How to keep your Shower clean with Rain X


If you’ve never heard of or used Rain-X before, it’s a product designed to be applied to the outside of your car’s windshield – it causes water to bead and run off the windshield quickly.  I figured it’d be worth a try on the shower glass to see if it helped get rid of some of those pesky water droplets left behind after every shower!  Here’s what the shower door looked like after morning showers:

How to keep your Shower clean with Rain X


We have pretty hard water at our house, so the water droplets that remain on the glass really scum up the glass quickly.

How to keep your Shower clean with Rain X

So I decided to apply some Rain-X to see if it made a difference.  After I cleaned the glass, I applied the Rain-X following the instructions on the bottle.  Now, this was a brand new bottle and there were no fumes to speak of…but I know that I’ve used Rain-X in the past and it has been really stinky!  Maybe it depends on the variety you get, or maybe it’s only older bottles…but regardless, make sure to turn the bathroom fan on and open a window if you need to.  I used one microfiber rag to apply it, and another one to wipe the smudges clean after it had dried.

Note – The Rain-X website FAQ page does say that Rain-X is safe to use on glass shower doors.  I wouldn’t let pets or children around while you’re applying it or let them lick the glass or anything, but beyond that it seems just like using any other household cleaner.

Voila!  The water beads up and runs down the glass just like when you apply it to a car windshield!  It doesn’t eliminate all of those little droplets completely, but it significantly reduces them!

How to keep your Shower clean with Rain X

What a difference!  No more scummy shower glass after just a few days…this will help keep my shower clean for much longer!  I love cleaning shortcuts like that!

Do you have a favorite cleaning shortcut?  Leave a comment…I am always looking for more to try out!

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  1. Dee Ann says

    We have used Rain-X on our shower glass for years and we just squeegee the glass after every shower…. keeps the glass perfectly clear! You can buy the Command hooks now for water applications, so we just hang our squeegee in the shower with that and it works great.

  2. says

    This is great info Meredith. I wish I’d known this before our master shower door became so pitted from our super hard water. I will definitely be using it on the guest shower door though. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you, Patti

    • Akchic says

      I used oven off oven cleaner (blue can only) on my fiberglass tub & walls, that was recommended on Pinterest. Sprayed it down and let it sit for a hour and rinsed right off. I used it as I have hard water & soap build up. Did wonders and then used rain-x on the walls & mirrors…one person doing a happy dance. Wished I had known this 20yrs ago.

  3. says

    When we moved in, our shower doors were etched from hard water. We plan on replacing them at some point — maybe as part of a major bathroom remodel — and I’m definitely going to use Rain-X to prevent it from happening again and to keep them clean! Great tip.

  4. says

    Wow, I sure need some of that Rain-X! We just replaced our shower doors because of our hard, hard water! After 20 years there was just no way to get the glass completely clean, and believe me, I tried! Now I will get some Rain-X before our new doors suffer the same fate! Thank you, thank you!

  5. Ellen says

    I really want to try this but i dont know if it would work on my shower doors. They are not clear glass, they are frosted one. Any suggestions or have you come across someone who has tried it on frosted doors?
    I also read that you have trouble with cleaning the grout. I saw on another blog that you can use one of the bleach pens. I need to try it out cause i hate cleaning grout.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. says

    This post is over a year old. I came over from Pinterest. A year later, how many applications have you had to do and still the same results? We had our new glass shower “treated” by the glass company. But, it does still have water droplets everywhere and we squigee every shower so as not to have water spots.

  7. Carol In the Lou says

    Glass windows vs. “Dog Nose Art” – White vinegar (straight) makes the BEST cleaner. Tried, tested and true (I have a Standard Poodle!).

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