Happy 4th of July Cake Pops

4th of July Cake Pops

I’m back!

Did ya’ll enjoy my Shortbread Dulce de Leche Bars and Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles?

Today I’m going to share a fun cake pop tutorial that you can make for the 4th of July!

You don’t need anything fancy for these cake pops. A trip to any craft store will do.  I found some fun straws, jumbo toothpicks and fun pinwheels to use in place of lollipop sticks.

july 4th cake pops


At the craft store you can also pick up a bag of red, white and blue candy melts and sprinkles. Easy right?

Then make a box mix of white cake, divide it into three bowls and color one bowl red and one bowl blue.  Bake them as cupcakes.  We are only going to use three cupcakes of each color for our cake pops, so you’ll have a few left over to decorate and enjoy!


patriotic cake pops

Check out the video on how I make my cake pop batter.

And here’s a video on how I dip my cake pops.

I hope they help.

july 4th cake pop ideas

Step 1.Take three cupcakes and add a tablespoon of vanilla frosting to it.  Mix completely!  It should end up as a play-doh consistency.  Use a 2 Tablespoon Cookie Scoop to measure out 4 to 5 cake balls.  Roll smooth and complete for each color.

Step 2. Once they are all rolled, cut each one into three equal parts.

Step 3. Put each color together.

Step 4.  Roll smooth. Don’t smoosh, just press gently and roll.

july 4th cake pops

Once they are all rolled, place them onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, and put them into the fridge.

Melt your candy melts in a ceramic mug at 70% power for 30 second increments in the microwave. Do not let your candy overheat. Stir every 30 seconds. You should not need more than 2 minutes.

Remove the cake balls from the fridge, dip your straw/ toothpick/ lollipop stick into the candy then insert it halfway into the cake ball. Set aside while you complete all the cake pops.

Dip the cake pop into the candy melts and tap off the excess. Stand up straight and add sprinkles while the pops are still wet. Let them dry completely before wrapping.

If you have any cake pop questions, I have a lot of help on Pint Sized Baker.

4th of July Cake Pops

I hope you all have a great 4th of July! Stay safe and have fun!

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  1. Ooh! They are so pretty & festive. I have yet to try to make cake pops but definitely look like something even an amateur baker like me can do!

  2. Those are adorable! Pinned and bookmarked – I might actually make these before summer’s over.

  3. Absolutely love these cake pops! I’m pinning!

  4. I love the multicolored cake, Karyn! It makes the pops festive. And it’s always fun to have a little surprise on the inside!

  5. Great tutorial! Lovely cakes pops, and so festive!


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