Halloween Tabletop Trees

Trick or Treat?  
I hope you didn’t say trick, because we have an extra special treat for you today…

 Halloween Tabletop Trees!

halloween trees
This trio of trees is furry, sparkly and a beautiful addition to your holiday decor!  They are both elegant and fun… my favorite decorating style for Halloween! 

Here is how you can make your own…

Halloween Tabletop trees

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Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Black Acrylic Craft Paint

halloween tabletop trees

 Step One.  I am going to show you how to make one boa tree and a candlestick.  If you’d like to make the trio, just be sure to make enough for three!  The first thing you want to do is paint the unfinished wood pieces  black.  If you are making the trio, you will paint two circle plaques, the two candlesticks, and three acorn dowel caps.  Allow to dry completely.  

halloween tabletop trees

Step Two.  While your wood pieces are drying, you can add the boa to your styrofoam cone.  You will add a drop of hot glue at the base of the cone and apply the boa.  I would recommend pressing down on that first piece until it it is secure.  Then, you will simply wrap the boa up the cone securing with hot glue every once in a while.  Go until you have about a half inch left at the top and secure firmly in place with the hot glue.  

Step Three.  Now you want to apply the two part epoxy according to the directions on the package.  Be sure to adhere to all cautions, too!  You will join the two pieces on the top of the round plaque and the top of the candlestick.  This gives you a bigger area on the top to place the tree.  Once you have everything glued, place a can of veggies on top to weight it down while it dries.  

Step Four.  Now you can put it all together now or you can glitter the wooden pieces with black glitter.  I always love a little bling on my projects!  Once the glitter has dried, glue the dowel cap to the top of the trees and place them on their candlesticks.  All finished!  

Here they are outside on a festive Halloween porch.

Halloween Trees

 Remember our Beware Banner from a few days ago?

Yep, these Halloween Tabletop Trees pair perfectly with that, too! 

 Enjoy your Halloween decorating!


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