Halloween Owl Plate

Halloween Owl Plate Tutorial…

So, a couple of weeks ago, Trish and I were strolling the aisles of our local dollar store and we saw these. We knew right away they were a super deal for crafters…



I just love how it all came together to create a beautiful {and a wee bit spooky} Halloween Owl Plate!

So let’s get started making your own

 Halloween Owl Plate…

Supplies Needed for Halloween Owl Plate {affiliate links}…
Large Plate or Platter
Fabric of Choice
Paper Owl Die Cut
Foam Brush

Step 1… After you have washed and dried your fabric , cut a circle big enough to accommodate the owl and fill the inside of the plate. Apply Mod Podge to the plate and lay fabric on the Mod Podge. Press the fabric down to remove any wrinkles. Mod Podge is quite easy to use, di you catch our Stackable BOO Letters we made with it?

Step 2... Apply Mod Podge to the paper owl and place it on the fabric. Smooth out any wrinkles. Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the owl and fabric. Allow it to dry and apply another coat. 

Step 3… Once everything was dry, I applied Glow-In-The-Dark Mod Podge to the owl’s eyes. I applied 3 coats total, allowing it to dry between coats. I simply used a tiny paintbrush to apply it. It looks so cool in the dark! If I had better photography skills, I could capture that for ya…but you’re just going to have to trust me on it! 

So….”WHO” is ready for Halloween?


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