Glass Stained Frame Suncatchers

It is Monday and Summer… you know what that means… time for another edition of One Crafty Summer!  Today we have the crazy-talented and oozing with creativity Club Chica Circle and she is sharing how to make glass stained frame suncatchers!  Let’s craft!

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

Hey ya’ll! It’s Pauline from Club Chica Circle, and I am so excited to be a part
of this super fun ONE CRAFTY SUMMER hosted by the lovely ladies at
Uncommon Designs!

I love color, and I love making art. This super easy craft idea combines
both of those loves and is a great summer craft project for any age.
These stained glass suncatchers require NO CUTTING. The secret is using
colored glass stains that give the illusion of stained glass. I used DecoArt transparent Glass Stain in orange, teal,
purple, and yellow.

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

I also used Silver Leading from their Glass Stain line. This also gives
your piece a glass stained look, and it keeps the glass stain colors
from bleeding into each other.

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

Here is what I used to create these pretty glass stained frame

  • 5″ x 7″ lightweight picture frames (I found these in two-packs
    at IKEA.)
  • DecoArt Glass Stains and Silver Leading
  • Eyelet screw-on hooks
  • Mini suction cup hooks

You can make these pretty suncatchers in 3 easy steps:

  1. First remove the back stand portion of your picture frames and
    replace the glass back in each frame. Then line the outer edge of the
    glass with the Leading and draw your design in the middle. I created a
    random geometric pattern on each, making about 5-7 divided portions on
    the front of your frame. Let dry.
  2. Next, add color to each divided section with your glass stain
    color of choice. Let dry. Make sure to watch for tiny air bubbles. You
    can pop them with a toothpick within the first 10 minutes of drying
    before the stain sets.
  3. Finally, attach an eyelet hook at the top center of each
    stained glass frame masterpiece and use a suction cup hook to attach to

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

I absolutely love how they look on my windows! I love how the outside
reflects through the tinted glass…

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

…and the sun catches the light and shows the brilliant color of each

Homemade Stained Glass Frame Suncatchers

Perfect for a little bit of summer crafting!


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