Glass Glitter Snowflakes

Hey Y’all! Welcome to Uncommon Designs. We are thrilled to be part of the Craft Lightning series this month. We are sharing a gorgeous craft that you can do lightning fast!

 There is something magical about this time of the year. Bonnie and I are always up to something creative, and adore the holidays.  You can usually find us covered in glitter as you’ll see by our Glass Glitter Snowflakes

glass-glitter-snowflakes title

Have you ever used glass glitter?  It is commonly associated with vintage items, but most people don’t know where to get it or what it can do.  Let me tell you… it can transform anything it touches into a dazzling display!  I picked up a few of these large snowflakes at the Dollar Tree and knew that I wanted to glitter them with my silver glass glitter.

glass-glitter-snowflakes supplies

The snowflakes were already a pretty shade of gold, but I wanted something that would fit seamlessly into my decorating color scheme.  To make the snowflakes, I needed glass glitter (I used Barbara Trombley’s Glitter), glue, a spoon, and the snowflakes.

glass-glitter-snowflakes glitter

To adhere the glitter, simply brush a coat of glue atop the snowflake and let it dry.  I use a spoon to gently tap the glitter where I want it to cover.  This is a great habit to get into as you use so much less glitter than shaking.  That is it… you are done!

glass-glitter-snowflake side view

I love how it turned out… so gorgeous and the light just dances off of it!  You can use these snowflakes on your tree, in a garland, or just part of a holiday vingnette.  The possibilities are endless!


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So what will you create this holiday season? We hope that you have enjoyed this quick and simple, Craft Lightning project idea!

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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!


  1. Heather Fleming says

    Love the glass glitter snowflakes! I saw that since the glitter is glass you have to be careful handling it. Once it’s on the snowflake, does it make it sharp? Just wondering for the little hands in our house!

    • says

      Hey Heather!

      I hope you guys are doing well. You are correct about the glitter… it isn’t so much sharp to the touch. The problem comes in if your little one had it on their fingers and wiped their eyes. They are teeny tiny, but could scratch the eyes! There is some gorgeous glitter out there that isn’t a true glass glitter. Might be better for the kiddos! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Take care,


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