Free Kitchen Art Printable

Happy July! It’s Jennifer from Delightfully Noted, and boy do I have a yummy new freebie for y’all!  Today I’m sharing a fun kitchen art printable.

kitchen art printable


I’m not much of a baker so the only reasonable explanation I have for this month’s theme is that I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and am craving some ooey-gooey, warm, chocolate brownies!

And since I know a lot of you do like to bake I’m hoping to use this freebie as a bribe to get you to drop off some baked goodies at my house. Any takers?

Free Kitchen Art Printable

I created the free kitchen art printable in four different fun colors. Hopefully you will find one that will fit your kitchen decor.  I love them all!

Head on over for your own kitchen art. Just download and print.
printable kitchen art

Frame your art and hang in your kitchen or better yet give it as a gift to the favorite baker in your life!


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  1. Thank you for the adorable printable. The red one is going into a frame and will find a home in my kitchen this weekend. I shared your link on my blog’s facebook page this morning. If you have a few minutes I’d love for you to stop over to visit my blog – Deliciously Inspired. Again thanks for using your creativity and talent and brightening up my kitchen.
    Sincerely, Debbie


  3. SO cute! I’m a baker so these are right up my alley!

  4. What an adorable printout! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  5. Sheila Moore says:

    Thank you so much for this cute print. My parents owned a bakery when I was growing up and I do baking from my home now. My daughter also loves to bake. Guess it runs in the family!

  6. Thank you soooo much! I love the print! I think I will print and share with my special cousins who also love to bake!

  7. Cute! Love it

  8. This is so cute! I like the turquoise and red. Those colors seem to be very popular now too. :) Hope you get some brownies soon!

    • Ha! Thanks Lisa. I didn’t get my brownies but I did get a sweet a little baby which is a whole lot better ;) Hope you get some good use out of the kitchen art print!

  9. Super CUTE! I want the red one;)

  10. Crystal says:

    Love this!! I just added turquoise to my red, black and white kitchen. Thanks so much for this printable!!

  11. I love this kitchen art and I love that you gave different color options. This will look SO cute in my kitchen! :)

  12. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing. The turquoise and red is my favorite!

  13. Oh my gosh, SO SO cute! I’m totally printing the gray and yellow for my kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Kellie S. says:

    These are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. My daughter just got her first apartment and is doing her kitchen in red and aqua. The blue one is perfect. I am going to print it for her to hang up. She will love it!

  15. Perfect! Glad your daughter can get some use out of the wall print!

  16. Love this! Especially the green one! Thanks!

  17. Tabetha says:

    The links doesn’t appear to be working….are they still available?

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