Framed Burlap GRATEFUL Sign … create a lasting family reminder

I have a confession, as I have gotten older my optimism has waned a bit.

Life can throw some pretty hard blows your way, and each one seems to increase my pessimism a bit more.

So I need visual reminders in my life to take a deep breath…let it go…and learn to just be grateful.

We may not have the perfect family, but I am grateful to have one. I may disappoint people, friends, family, but I am grateful to be able to say “I am sorry” and for them to forgive me, and love me just the way I am. I am grateful to have a God who extends grace and mercy to me each new day.

A beautiful fall home decor project...A Framed Burlap GRATEFUL sign via Uncommon Designs

If you caught my Fall Home Tour, then you saw a glimpse of this GRATEFUL sign that I created in my home. I have loved having this visual reminder for not just me, but also my family and guests. It is such a bold statement in my kitchen.

A beautiful fall home decor project...A Framed Burlap GRATEFUL sign via Uncommon Designs

Simple and meaningful…a perfect combo for us. Seriously, I adore it!

Let me show you how to create your own Framed Burlap GRATEFUL Sign, and create a lasting family memory. { and at the end of this post, be sure to check out the other Fall Harvest Ideas from some of our favorite fellow bloggers! }


Supplies Needed:

1. Frame in your choice of size {this one is 16 x 20 inches and came from Hobby Lobby}

2. Burlap wrapped flat canvas to fit inside frame. {mine came from Hobby Lobby}

3. Set of alphabet letter stamps. You can find the ones I used HERE.

4. Stamp Ink Pad in color of choice. You can find the one I used HERE.

5. Glue Gun and glue sticks.

6. Optional: Yardstick


STEP ONE: Decide on the word you would like to stamp onto the burlap canvas. I chose the word “grateful”. I love the letter stamps that I used to create this artwork…


STEP TWO: Lay out the letters on the burlap canvas to determine the spacing and where you would like the word to be stamped. I eyeballed it, but you could also use a yard stick to find the middle of the canvas and align the letters.


Step Three:  Select the color of ink pad you would like to use and carefully start stamping the letters onto the burlap. I literally picked them up one by one and stamped each letter, to keep them straight.


STEP Four: Allow the word to completely dry. It is ok if you do not get the word exactly straight. Mine was off a bit but looks great in the frame.


STEP FIVE: Use the hot glue gun to put a bead of hot glue around the lip of the frame where the burlap canvas will sit. You have to work very quickly in order for the glue to not cool and harden. Press the burlap canvas down firmly to adhere to the frame. I chose to put the canvas in the frame this way so that it was not permanently attached to the frame, in case I wanted to switch it out.


The rustic colors and textures of this project are the perfect compliment to my fall decor. I placed the framed sign above my cooktop on a little shelf. The colors are just wonderful in my kitchen, and I adore this piece.

A beautiful fall home decor project...A Framed Burlap GRATEFUL sign via Uncommon Designs

Now that is a statement…and a daily reminder for not only me, but my entire family.

A beautiful fall home decor project...A Framed Burlap GRATEFUL sign via Uncommon Designs

This piece is only one of the new fall home decor items I created this year. You will want to also check out my DIY Wheat Crate Centerpiece as well…

DIY Wheat crate centerpiece via Uncommon Designs


I’ve teamed up with a group of bloggers to share tons of Fall Harvest Ideas with you! From crafts, to recipes, to home decor and more…we have you covered for Fall inspiration!

Check the gallery below and visit some of my blogging friends to see their awesome ideas!!

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    This is beautiful! I have to make one for our house! Great tutorial! We would love for you to link up your project to our Outside the link party. Something like this can’t be missed!


  2. says

    I love this project! I thought you’d printed the burlap and was surprised to see that the letters were stamped. I need to buy a set of stamps for a project like this. I’m pinning and sharing to FB today!


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