Flying Witch Halloween Printable

Ok…so I was talking to another blogger the other day, and we had a good giggle about “family sayings”. You know, the ones you grow up hearing and just assume everyone else knows and uses? Yea…between Trish’s family and mine, we have got that all covered. LOL!

One of those for my family is … “Don’t Make Me Get Out My Flying Monkeys!!” 

We may, or may not, have a slight obsession in our home with the movie The Wizard of Oz, and that is probably why this one stuck with us. So last Halloween, I created this fun Halloween Flaying Witch Printable for our home and decided to share it with you guys this year…

Flying Witch Free Halloween Printable ~

I have to admit, it may or may not get left out most of the year. It has become a source of stress relief. You know, when a little one is doing something you have asked them not to…again…and I simply look at them and say… “Don’t Make Me Get Out My Flying Monkeys”. It usually produces a pause, and a giggle,and then the stress and tension is relieved a little and I get an… “Ok Mom”.

So here is how I made the little plaque I added the Halloween Printable to...


1. Small unfinished wooden plaque { I used one that would hold the printable printed out in a 4×6 size}

2. Black Craft Paint

3. Mod Podge { I used Outdoor Mod Podge, my printable is near the sink in the kitchen}

4. Small foam paint brush

5. Small sanding block or sandpaper.

Flying Witch Free Halloween Printable ~

Step 1: Print out the Halloween Printable, on a laser jet printer to prevent bleeding, in the size you need on medium weight card stock. { Mod Podge Rocks has a ton of tips and tricks to help you decide the best product and procedure to use for printables and photos }

Step 2: Lightly sand the wooden plaque and wipe clean. Paint your wooden plaque with the black craft paint. It may take more than one coat.

Step 3: Once the wooden plaque is completely dry, apply the Mod Podge with the foam paint brush to the back of the paper printable and place on the front of the painted plaque. Smooth it out. {you can certainly use the paper Mod Podge product as well }

Step4: Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. Once dry, apply a coat to the front of the printable, to seal it.

That’s All!

Want to make your own? Simply right click and save the image below to print out for your own personal project or you can download here

Flying Witch 4x6 Halloween Printable ~

{for personal use only, not for resale}

I really love the way this turned out and my children smile when they see it. Every now and then when I have a “Mom Stress Moment”, my kids are quick to smile and say… “Don’t Make Me Get Out My Flying Monkeys!!”  And I breathe, and take a moment to let go of the stress.

Flying Witch 4x6 Halloween Printable ~

I love the funky green chevron mixed with the black to create this sweet Halloween Printable. You could even add a little ribbon to the back to hang it up on a hook or cabinet knob.

Need a little more Halloween inspiration? 

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So, does your family have any unique expressions?


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    I absolutely love this!!! I have been a little obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, too, since childhood! Thanks so much for sharing this and definitely printing and framing. :) Pinning! Have a fabulous week, ladies!

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