First Home Run… Everyday Victories

So how do you measure everyday victories as a mom? When asked to write about “Everyday Victories for Team Mom”, I had to think about that. Victories as a mom have occurred throughout my children’s lives…first word, first step, writing ABC’s, reading…I could go on and on.

“Team Mom” at our home is about being a part of a family, that supports each other…just like a team would. I guess that makes me “coach” or rather…driver,cook,personal assistant,teacher,nurse,counselor…you get the idea!
So this “team mom” achieved one of the best “Everyday Victories” a couple of weeks ago when my son hit his very first home run in baseball! Now, you could say the victory was the hit, running the bases, and scoring for his team…but for me it was in the expression on his face when he crossed home plate…priceless…pure joy…
This is his first year playing, and he struggles with exercised induced asthma, but we found that the pace of baseball does not aggravate the asthma. Yes, he was winded as he crossed that plate, but it was so worth it for him. The confidence he gained in both himself and his abilities at that second…incredible!
Seeing a victory in my child, is a victory for this “team mom” as well! There will be many obvious victories throughout your life , but sometimes it’s not the obvious ones that impact your life the most!
So what are your “Everyday Victories for Team Mom”?
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