DIY Feather Christmas Tree

Hey y’all!  I hope you are having a great week.  Ann, my nine year-old and I have been not so patiently waiting for a few boas to be delivered so we could complete an unbelievably fun Christmas project.  I can finally share our Feather Christmas Tree

DIY Feather Christmas Tree It is so easy to make one for yourself... just add boas!  #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasTree

The photos hardly capture how beautiful this tree is in person… it is just dreamy.  My youngest is about to have a fit now to have a “twinsie” tree just like her big sis.  We’ll have to put that one on next year’s to do list.

Here is how you can make a feather tree for yourself…

White Christmas Tree

I purchased a 4 foot white tree at Hobby Lobby.  It was pretty to begin with, but I thought I’d add a little more pizzazz with feathers. It was also a fabulous price at 50% off.  I then ordered 10 boas from Halo Heaven.  I know you are thinking this had to cost a fortune, but I assure you it did not. This is my secret weapon for decorating and party planning.  I spent around $20 for all 10.  They have great stuff for so cheap and even run great sales on top of those low prices.  If you have girls, then you really should check them out!

DIY Feather Boa Tree

To begin, I simply wrapped the top of the tree once with the boa.  After that, I went from top to bottom tucking the feathers in between the branches.  No real rhyme or reason just making sure it looked even.  Then, I wrapped an extra strand of white lights with a white cord around the tree.  That was it!

Feather Tree and Peace Sign Ornament

I added some peace sign ornaments in a pretty shade of hot pink… I think that every nine year old loves peace signs!  I also added a few crystal ornaments, but it didn’t take much with the gorgeous feathers.

feather christmas tree topper

To finish off the tree, I placed the topper of deedly boppers on top.  I’m not sure what their technical name is… pics, sprays, thing-a-ma-jigs… I used three of those in hot pink.  So whimsical and fun!

DIY Feather Christmas Tree

Isn’t she just beautiful?  I so wanted to keep her for myself in the kitchen… hee hee.  Now I just have to figure out how to keep Lauren happy with her traditional tree until next year…


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  1. says

    Love it! I’ve always wanted one of these….seems like a great inexpensive way to make it! My daughters would love it for their rooms, too! xoxo Kathleen

  2. Emily says

    I love the tree! Coincidentally, I have a white tree (3 feet tall) where the lights just died after 6 years of faithful service. Now I know exactly what to do with it to give it a fresh new look! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  3. AmyLee says

    BEAUTIFUL! Not only are you INCREDIBLY Creative, Your an AWESOME MOM! I’m sure this is a project & Christmas memory your SWEET daughter will NEVER FORGET! Thank You SO MUCH, for sharing it with all of us! Maybe you & Lauren could do a quick inexpensive “makeover” for her tree this year, so she feels special too, to hold her over until next year! Ideas: #1)leftover fabric &/or ribbon, made into bows & then tied to each branch tip. #2) leftover/mismatched beads strung as garland & wrapped around the tree! #) leftover/extra faux flowers attached to each branch tip. Also add a different color or extra strand of lights! Any one you choose, & do with her, will make her happy! Guaranteed! It’s the Mama/Daughter time, & a change that she craves MOST! Merry Christmas!

  4. says

    This is soooo pretty! I really want to have a white Christmas tree and this is perfect! Well, I guess for next year :( I’ve got to check Halo Heaven, thanks!

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